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5 Simple Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Grow Your Business

Here are five simple marketing strategies you can employ to grow your business.
Lewis Robinson Apr 15, 2020
When you are in marketing, you are always looking for new and innovative ways to grow your business. In order to get the effective results you're looking for, it's best to employ a mix of new and traditional, tried and true methods for getting your business to a level of growth that you want.


Content marketing campaigns give you an opportunity to not only write on a variety of topics that your product or service works with, but also gives you the chance to increase where your website ranks in search engine results.
This is a marketing strategy that can pay dividends when potential customers are searching a particular topic related to your business and see your website appear highly in the results of their search. SEO backlinks are one strategy you can use to increase your ranking and the overall quality of your content.

Social Media Campaigns

Almost everyone in today's day and age spends much of their time on social media. Using social media as a platform where you can increase engagement with your brand is a good way to reach a large portion of your potential customer base.
It also gives you the opportunity to have some fun and get a bit creative with your marketing campaigns, as you can workshop catchy slogans, eye popping colors and engaging videos to use on these platforms.
Social media is a great way to reach younger and potential future customers, establishing a sort of brand identity in their heads before they are even making the decisions on whether or not to use your product or service.

Event Marketing

Another key marketing strategy that gets your business out to potential customers is event marketing. In this form of marketing, you can set up a booth at a conference or trade show and have all of your business's capabilities on full display.
It also enables you to give out free demos to anyone remotely interested in your company, which can allow you to highlight selling points like the ease of use or the ways your product can really enhance the ways they do business.
Event marketing allows your company to go around the world and bring your product directly to potential customers. Isn't that the entire point of a good marketing strategy? When looking to enhance your brand's footprint in the minds of potential clients, event marketing should not be passed over.


Email marketing is a relatively low budget strategy that you can use to keep potential customers informed on new features and price points that they can take advantage of in using your product.
It allows you to reach a large base of potential targets and send out tailored messages that, through a drip campaign, can reach your prospects exactly where they are in the purchasing process. You can also customize your emails directly to the industries and needs of your targets to make sure they are getting as personal of a message as possible.

Word of Mouth

Finally, try to take advantage of word of mouth marketing as much as possible. This means trying to impress higher ups at other companies whose thoughts have a big influence on the tastes of others. Think of the professionals in the industries you are selling to as potential ambassadors for your brand.
If you can impress them and get them on your side, you can use their taste for your brand as an advantage as they tell their friends and colleagues about the advantages of using your product or service.
Content, social media campaigns, event marketing, email and word of mouth are all relatively simple marketing strategies that you can use to exponentially grow your business. With more outlets than ever, marketing now has a huge impact on the way professionals make informed business decisions. Use it to your advantage!