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7 Reasons Why Every Marketing Strategy Needs Web Stories

No business can afford to overlook Web Stories-driven content marketing. Web Stories can be an integral aspect of your B2B plan.
Ishaan Govardhan Jul 9, 2020

1. Mobile-Friendly Content

Today, more than half of all internet users are on their mobile phones. And of them, those who are not on AMP webpages are probably waiting for a site to finish loading. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are mobile-optimized to ensure near-instant loading speeds. Not to mention their positive impact on your rankings.
With Web Stories, you can stop trying to lure mobile-users and instead, promote your products/services in a way that demands their attention. Your readers are more likely to stick with your content to the end, if it loads on their phones instantly. So, enable your readers to tap through your Stories as fast as they can read for a smooth, unbroken experience.

2. Impart Story Structure to Your Content

Content marketing has more of an impact on readers, if it’s presented in the form of an engaging narrative. Readers are informed by articles, but they get emotionally invested in Stories. It was found in a study at Stanford, that the human brain is hard-wired to retain stories for much longer. Clearly, the story structure resonates with us.
But – let’s face it – who has the time to read a wall of text? Skimming is the new reading. Most netizens are addicted to bite-sized chunks of info, so why try to force-feed them? If you want them to keep reading, you must keep it concise – with Web Stories.

3. An Enchanting Look

A Web Story is visually rich, excitingly animated and just plain beautiful. By adding relevant graphics to punctuate every line of text, you can ensure that your content is easy on the eyes of your image-hungry readers. Hey, it’s not easy to navigate away from something that looks good.

4. A Brand New Branding Tool

Social media sharing icons – presented along with every Web Story – will help spread the word. Staying ahead is all about brand visibility. Everyone is looking to promote their brand in novel ways, because ‘new’ always stands out. And the Web Stories format is unlike anything else out there.

5. Tame the Search Engine

In 2020, if Content is King, then search engine rankings are the king-makers. Thanks to their blazing fast loading speed, most AMP pages have unmatched conversion rates. Combine that with the snackable text sizes and engaging visuals of Web Stories, and you get sky high user engagement metrics. Naturally, high rankings will follow.

6. Get Google On Your Side

Reportedly, Google is gearing up for a big Web Stories push. Web Stories are indexed on the Google Search Engine, so you can rest assured that your promotional content will enjoy special treatment from the tech giant. Web Stories are even showing up in the main search results.

7. Web Stories: Easy to Create

It’s easy to read an Web Story, and it’s not tough to create one. With a good eye for striking visuals and an ability to summarize, you’ll need nothing else, except an Web Story Builder tool developed by Visual Stories. In this tool, every aspect of Web Story creation has been polished and tweaked. You can avoid all coding hassles and hit the ground running.

To Put It Simply...

Web Stories enable you to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection between you, your brand and your customers.