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Advantages of Email Marketing

Electronic mail changed the way people communicate, with its lightning fast delivery speed. Here are the benefits of email marketing over conventional marketing channels.
Omkar Phatak
Internet opened a global communication medium like never before. No other technology had been able to connect the world together like the world wide web. Information can now be transmitted from one corner of the world to the other, at phenomenal speeds.
It has aided the process of globalization and provided rapid modes of communication like electronic mail (email for short), which has been harnessed as a popular marketing tool. For those of you who haven't yet tapped the potential of this marketing medium, the advantages enunciated in the following lines will surely make you give it a serious thought.
Marketing is nothing but reaching out to your potential customers with information about your business products and services. Therefore, marketing must tap every information channel which reaches the end customer, that includes print media, television media, as well as online media.
While online advertisements placed on websites, personal website creation and other ways of online branding can work for you, one of the most direct ways of communicating with customers is through email. Know what is email marketing all about, prior to discussing the advantages of adopting it.

What is Email Marketing?

This is one of the major form of marketing. It is about providing information about your business product or service and advertising through electronic mailing.
Most businesses now create an email database of their customers as a part of their customer service drive. For example, almost all banks have started advertising their latest services through email.
With online banking becoming the order of the day, advertising offers through email marketing make it easy for the customers to directly access the service. It accounts for a sizable share of traffic driven towards websites worldwide, as customers are increasingly preferring online shopping over conventional modes of making purchases.
It makes sense for website based businesses to have an email marketing strategy, that can drive direct traffic towards them.

What are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

Just creating a high quality product or service is not enough in today's highly competitive globalized market place. One has to take up an aggressive stance in marketing and advertising, by tapping every channel available. Here are some of the benefits of email marketing.

Global Outreach

One of the primary benefits of advertising through email is the global outreach it grants any marketeer. Millions of potential customers worldwide can learn about the benefits of using your products or services.
Email marketing has the power to bring in customers from remote corners of the world and spread the word about your business and brand.

Power of Personalized Touch

Customized emails directly addressing the end user make them take notice of your service. Personalized marketing through email can make customers take interest in your product.
You can gain valuable feedback from your customers through email communication, which can help improve the quality of your service in the long term. Newsletters are a great way of communicating the latest developments to the customer through email.

Ultra Low Cost Communication

Another plus point is the cost involved in it, which is practically nothing. All that you spend on is the cost of designing the email and the bandwidth usage for sending the mail. Compared to that, the return on investment that you gain through this marketing strategy is immense!

The Eco-Advantage

The increasing use of email for marketing is due to the amount of money it saves, which would normally be spent on hard copy or paper based advertising and marketing. In a way, it helps reduce wood usage for paper, providing the eco-advantage.

Rapid Communication and Traceable Response

Another obvious benefit of electronic mail based marketing is the rapid communication it offers. In a fraction of a second, your message is delivered in the customer's inbox and within a few hours you may get a response.
With the use of software tools, it's possible to trace the response of the user, even if he or she doesn't reply. So, one can actually quantify the response that you receive through this marketing channel.
To conclude, global outreach, low cost, good response rate and rapid communication are some of the advantages of this marketing channel, that are worth noting.
With the increasing use of email for business communication all over the world, this marketing medium has potential, which still remains to be explored. Start creating your email marketing strategy today, through newsletters and email updates to reach out to your customers on a personal level and take advantage of the global outreach it offers!