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Affiliate Marketing Strategies for 2020

Dominate the world of affiliate marketing with the visually vibrant Web Stories.
Sonali Pimpale Jul 6, 2020

Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree

Picking the wrong product to promote is walking right into a pitfall. Do not waste time trying to campaign a product no one is interested in. A quick glance at the products on e-commerce websites will reveal all the bestsellers to pick from.

Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Do not bank on only a single product or an affiliate marketing program to propel you to heights of success. Have at least two avenues of making money at hand in case one of them comes crashing down.

Befriend the Social Media

The never-ending popularity of social media platforms is a powerful tool to boost your sales. Use these platforms to their fullest potential to reap the benefits of your marketing. Plan your marketing stratagem intelligently.

Switch to Web Stories

Tech giant Google’s ambitious venture, the Web stories- have opened up new doors for affiliate marketers to add a flair of creativity in product promotion. Why confine yourself to the mere written word? Pack a punch with mobile-friendly, fast-loading Stories backed up with exquisite visuals and hold the users in their thrall.
What’s more, Web Stories are crawlable by search engines, and owing to their rich visuals and crisp content, have high chances of increasing user engagement, a surefire way to rank higher in search engines.
With their Instagram and Snapchat like format, there’s no better way to mesmerize users than the alluring Web Stories. So, just create them using the Web Story Builder by Visual Stories, share them on any social media platform and watch them work their magic!

Stay Connected

Do not bid goodbye to a customer the moment he purchases a product. Maintain a solid customer base so that you can directly contact them instead of sitting around waiting to rank in the top Google searches.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

As old as this adage sounds, it still rings true, especially in this case. You might start off slow, but do not cry off the venture because it did not reap immediate benefits. Keep trying different products, affiliate marketing websites and tactics until you find ‘the one’.