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Web Stories: A Creative Approach of Content Marketing

Swarali Jambhale
Storytelling - The Future of Content Marketing! Web Stories is the way to secure the market of your content. The reason?... Stories sell!

Storytelling- A Priority for Marketers

“It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” –Andy Crestodina
In the world of hurried readers, creation and sharing of online content needs a format that essentially translates your marketing message into a narrative form, and this is done with the phenomenal Web Stories!

Stories Gain Trust

88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy! 'Selling' being the ultimate goal of marketing, building trustworthy relations with the potential buyers is exigent. AMP Stories will help marketers make a headway in developing a deeper connection with the audience, as they add a human element to your content.
Web Stories (also known as AMP Stories) is a format having its fist full of potentials like immersive user experience, tappable and buffer free pages that make the Accelerated Mobile Pages a strategic and tactical tool for the marketers. The influence of a post is defined by its structure, as the aesthetic appeal of content is now procuring more attention.

Sound 'Convincing' Not ‘Salesy’

Web Stories is a fortuitous twist in the marketing methods to make you stand out from the crowd. In lieu of just listing down the pros like any other marketing tact, apprise your customers, of things they can relate to and throw light on how these things fit into their lives.

Bridge the Marketing Gap

It is time to put content performance at the heart of the content marketing and decrease the marketing gap. For pertinent content staging, user behavior and user engagement are the quintessential metrics.
The upshots of Web Stories- quick loading pages, bite-sized text with enthralling visuals, score very high on user engagement metrics thereby having a positive effect on search engine rankings. Web Stories is an ideal strategy to skyrocket these metrics for your content as they get ranked above-the-fold in search results by Google.

Improve Brand Health

Web Stories aid in polishing up the user experience of your content with tappable buffer free pages and eloquent information, making the customers come back for more. With this, give your brand a new face, imparting value for your content.
Content marketing is an ongoing story and a long-lasting conversation with your audience. So, to keep this conversation faultlessly easy and relatable, harness the AMP technology with the Web Story Builder by Visual Stories and stand out from your competition.

Bottom Line

Story-oriented thinking makes a marketer a much better seller. Get a twist to your marketing strategies and strengthen the relationship between your brand and the customer because people relate to stories.