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Best SEO Strategies for 2020 You Cannot Afford to Miss

Swarali Jambhale
With Web Stories (also known as AMP Stories) as your strongest SEO strategy, you can assure yourself to be successful in the current competitive market.

Optimized Titles

Optimizing titles with targeted keywords is an important SEO strategy. The title is a viewer's first experience of your site. Even if your content is well-written, a wrongly done title can nullify your effort, as users decide whether to click your link or not, based on the page title. So, crafting a good one helps in higher conversions.

Meta Description

Meta description summarizes or describes the content of a web page. Search engines use it in SERPs to let a user know what the page is about. In such a case, the meta description helps a user decide whether to click on the link, thus affecting traffic. So, it is important to have a unique and compelling meta description.

Good Content

The content should satisfy the needs of your readers. It should be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of the subject being dealt with, and precise as well, so that the user is not overwhelmed by it. It should be unique and useful. Giving fresh content helps a page rank higher in search engines, and frequent updates keep it evergreen.

The Right Format

Since modern readers are always on the go and usually access the Internet with mobile phones, they prefer content that is fast-loading, mobile-focused and quick to grasp. More visuals and less text make the content easier for a reader to process. More users are attracted to content that is quick-to-load and presented in a mobile-focused format.

Focus on User Engagement

To catch up with today’s snowballing competition of the digital world, focusing on user engagement is critical. To increase the time-on-site, the content should be immersive and easy to grasp. Having less text and more visuals achieves this. Page speed affects user engagement as users don't stay on the page that loads slowly.


Linking to authoritative websites helps your content rank better. Getting links from good websites is an important factor in ranking. Links to and from trustworthy and authentic websites help you build a good link neighborhood, thereby having a positive effect on the page's rankings.

Web Stories and SEO

Web Stories are fast-loading and mobile-focused, and give users a tap-through experience. They are visually rich and light on text, hence easy to consume. Thus, they score high on user engagement metrics. And since search engines focus on user engagement while ranking pages, Web Stories have started ranking, making them a great SEO opportunity.

Promotion of Content on Different Channels

You should not stop at just creating amazing content. You should also promote it effectively. Promoting your content through guest blogging and over social media channels helps you gain more followers. Offering users a way to subscribe to your content is also a good promotional strategy.
So hurry up! The digital world follows the rule of ‘Survival of the Fastest!’. Stay on your toes, use the right SEO techniques, create good content, present it in the right format, and promote it well. Your competition is chasing you!