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Boost User Engagement of Your E-commerce Website With Web Stories

Jump on the Web Stories bandwagon to shoot up the user engagement of your website!
Swarali Jambhale
You’ll be surprised to know that only 0.05 seconds are enough for the users to judge whether they like a website or not and whether to stay on it or leave!
Raise your game by getting Web Stories on your website. They work as a coherent business strategy to take the website's branding to an altogether different level.
The visually delightful Web Stories on your e-commerce website will enhance its appearance, making it easy on the eyes of the web viewers, thus guaranteeing an increase in the conversion rate.
Having Web Stories on your e-commerce website is the best way to reduce bounce rate to a great extent which will obliquely help the graph of web traffic to grow!
A delay of even 1 second in mobile page load time can make you pay a hefty price as it reduces the conversion rate by 7%. Moreover, an extended delay of 1-3 seconds increases the bounce rate by 32%. Studies show that 53% of the visitors abandon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
When it comes to customer retention; audios, videos, animations and GIFs - the perks of Web Stories - play a vital role as they visually engage the viewers and increase the average time-on-site!
Your website will strike it rich with mobile-focused Web Stories boosting user action; and that will strengthen the bond between the website and its audience!
Web Stories - your website's claim to fame, will gradually boost user engagement, ensuring an increase in the revenue of the website.
Top-grade branding, best aesthetics and high revenue are the upshots of Web Stories being used for e-commerce websites. What are you waiting for? With the easy-to-use Web Story Builder on Visual Stories, craft your e-commerce website with the perfect fit of Web Stories.