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Campaigning Tips

Mukta Gaikwad
Launching a campaign is about building goodwill and trust amongst your own people. Read ahead to get to know some important campaigning tips which would be of great help.
Selling yourself as the next leader, takes a little more than creating a website for a new business venture. The game of election purely focuses on the image you create for yourself.
Many times, contenders get caught up in ego battles and often indulge in a crime of slander, to get more votes in their favor. However, by fooling people, temporary gains are possible, but only at the cost of losing long term goodwill. To emerge as a winner, one needs put the best foot forward at all times, and deliver the promises that are made.

Plan of Action

People pick leaders because they need a guidance to deal with certain issues. Thus, in order to be a leader, you need to pick an issue that will make a worthy cause. Issues which are a threat to public's interest make good issues, which can attract attention and get you votes.
While you are picking up an issue, it is important that you study it well. Check the priority of the issue, the need to address it, how to solve it, the finances required to manage the problem, the participation that will be required from people, and so forth.
An insight into these will help you understand the problem in a brighter light. Getting a clear picture is important before you set out to tell others about it, and the promises which you would make to solve the issue.

Mass Communication

Once you've comprehended the reasons for campaigning, it's time to convey the same to the people for whom you would be taking up the cause. It is obvious that using modes of mass communication such as radio, TV, newspapers, leaflets and pamphlets, is the only way of getting yourself noticed.
Give interviews to newspapers, open up your website or a blog, publish articles about your work, go on air to connect with people, and write columns in the newspapers to assert your opinions. Talk about your plans to journalists, and half your battle for seeking attention will already be won.

Ground Zero

We have all come across politicians who just make promises but do nothing about them. However, in the long term, they only end up losing their position of power. Campaigning for yourself is about building a trustworthy and positive image. To gain trust and build your clout, you need to get down to do some serious work.
Show people the kind of work that you would be doing for the cause, and the give them a few results to believe in. Dates, time, venues, delegation of work, and establishment of committees, are all important to let the people know that you are going to be there for them.

Reaching Out

Now that you have a plan of action, which has been announced to the people at large, with tangible results, it time you start rallying. This includes holding public speeches, writing letters, giving out merchandises, holding peace marches, and reaching out to the people who are going to vote for you in person.
Campaigning is meant to create a public awareness that impregnates the idea of you being a leader. Use a few advertising tactics, such as using catchy campaign slogans to get a hoard of people where you will be conducting speeches can prove to be rewarding.
Additionally, you need to draw a budget of your activities to spend wisely and save for the rainy day. A baseless campaign or a battle for power will land you nowhere. A campaign needs to have a vision and a foresight. It needs to believe in a cause with a zeal of an evangelist, to remain rooted all through the party's lifetime.