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Information About Car Wrap Advertising

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jul 23, 2020
Interested in covering your car in car advertising material for a few quick bucks? Read on to know about car wrap advertising.
Billboard advertising remains one of the most important forms of product promotion and advertising. A catchy billboard attracts hundreds of viewers in a day.
However, in 1990s billboard advertising became very restricted as finding strategic places for billboards became challenging. As a result advertising companies started looking for newer means of product promotion.
Vehicle wraps emerged as an innovative way of taking your product to the customers. It served as a good substitute for billboard advertising. Besides its cost was lesser than billboard advertising.
Until then, only trains, buses or public transport vehicles were used for advertising. However, now even private car owners are offered opportunities of car advertising. What more, you even get paid to advertise on your car.

What is Car Wrap Advertising

It includes painting or wrapping your car in the advertising material of the product or service company. Your car is made to look like a mobile billboard. The companies pay you a monthly sum for promoting their product.
In another type of car advertising, you are given a brand new car wrapped in advertisement, to drive. All you have to do is pay for the insurance and gas. However, you have to adhere to certain terms and conditions laid down by the company. This includes being present at the promotional events of the product, etc.
The salary that is offered to you by the company is often dependent upon various factors such as the type of car you drive, the amount of car surface you offer as advertising space and the time and route you drive your car on.

What Does it Mean for Car Owners

The entire scheme indeed sounds like an incredible idea. However, there are certain things car owners need to bear in mind before offering their cars for advertisement. Firstly, not everyone can land a chance for it. You need to register yourself with the promotional advertising companies for car advertising jobs.
Advertising companies have certain criteria regarding the make, model of the cars they wish to wrap. If you satisfy the criteria, you (rather your car!) might be selected for the job. Oftentimes, there are many eligible candidates, hence some sort of lucky draw is conducted by the advertising companies to choose the car owner.
The entire process is a cheap yet very effective method of product promotion. According to a marketing survey vehicle wraps attract more viewers than billboards. A wrapped car instantly stands out from other vehicles on the road, thereby inviting the attention of many commuters.
Since the material used for car wraps is vinyl, it does not inflict any damage to the car and can be removed with ease. Thus, even car owners need not have to worry about their cars after the contract period is over. This makes it a win-win situation for car owners as well as advertising companies.
So, if you are interested, choose the company with caution. Understand the terms and conditions properly and only then sign up for the job. Besides, make sure you can stand all the stares and looks on the road, because after wrapping your car, people can spot you from a mile!
Disclaimer: When entering a contract with any company, make sure to read it properly and also verify whether it is genuine.