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Tips to Find a Catchy Name for Your Business

Charlie S
Catchy names for businesses can help us create our own brand and achieve our sales targets. Read on to know about the importance of catchy names.
The most important thing to achieve success in any business is to chalk out a good strategy and business plan and implement it well. Proper marketing should be a part of your business plan in order to create an interest in the minds of your customers about your firm and the products offered by you.
Catchy names can you help to instantly grab the attention of your clients and customers, and to increase and expand your business well. However, it is important that you choose only that name, which suits your enterprise very appropriately.

Points to Consider


While choosing a name, you should remember that it should be relevant to your enterprise. If you choose something irrelevant, you will be destroying your own prospects by sending out confusing signals to your customers, and it wouldn't help you in branding yourself. "Yesterday's News" wouldn't work out as a proper newsletter for the same reason, or will it?

Short and Sweet

Whatever you choose should ideally be a short one and easy to pronounce and write on the paper, this will make it easy for you to come up with a stylish logo design, which can be a help in corporate branding of your firm.
Does IBM and AT&T mean anything to you? If your answer is, "Yes!", then, you definitely know what corporate branding is. Well, I am sure that you know the brand which says, "Just Do It".

Careful Thinking and Discussions

While choosing, sit with a dictionary and write down the words, which you think are good enough on a piece of paper. You should discuss them with your friends before you finalize them.
You should strictly avoid copying the term of another venture or choosing the name of a celebrity or a place without getting the required permissions, as this can land you in legal trouble.


While choosing, you should be as original as possible. Another suggestion is to use the first name of your already existing company.
For example, if you have a successfully running firm known as ABC investments and you plan to enter the transport business, then you can call your venture "ABC transport". The advantage of doing this is that 'ABC' is a known brand, and you will be able to advertise your services well by using it.

Impact of Place

You will find it easy to win the confidence of the market, as a name does create a psychological impact on the other person. Another suggestion is to have the name of the place, where your business is located, as a part of the enterprise.
For example, if you are planning to start a restaurant in a city called XYZ, you can name it as Hotel XYZ. This can help you a lot in your efforts build a corporate identity for your organization.
Interesting names are needed not only for businesses, but also for people, institutions, parks, museums, etc. While naming a person, you should select one that has some good meaning associated with it. The name of a school or a college will be proper, if it starts with the name of the trust which runs the school or the college.
For example, the name of a new school to be opened can be-'PQR Educational Foundation's---School'. Since the name of the trust is already known, it would help in reaching out to the parents of the students easily.
Though catchy names can be useful in arousing the interest of the people, the enterprise will be successful, only if, you offer quality services and products. All the best!