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Design vs. Content: Why Design Rules Over Content in Marketing

For any content marketing strategy to successfully drive conversions, it needs to have balanced design and content.
Amulya Kalyanshetti Jul 4, 2020
Both, design and content, are important aspects of a marketing strategy. They together have the potential to drive conversions, generate new leads and boost your brand image and brand identity.

Content Provides the Entire Picture

Your content more or less addresses the needs of the users, i.e., what brought them to your website and how you can help them with your product/service. But then, why is design important?

Design Makes the Content Audible

Along with optimizing the readability of your copy, design is the key for pulling the audience to your content. Each element of the design (color, layout, shape, space and texture, etc.) supports the purpose.

Design and Content

It is often said, ‘show more, tell less’, but that doesn’t mean you should not tell at all as Jeffrey Zeldman aptly said, "Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s just decoration."
Good design captures users' attention, but good content leads them to take actions. Steve Jobs rightly explained it as, "Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works." Moreover, it’s about creating engaging and persuasive user experiences.
Tech giant Google’s Web Stories perfectly fit the design terminology by Steve Jobs. Web Stories are an extension of Google’s innovative AMP project, which load faster than regular web pages and are similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories. They immerse readers into fast-loading, tap-through and full-screen content.
Advent of Web Stories has made it possible to:
  • include foreground and background images 
  • include videos
  • change overlay and layout options
  • apply animation to the slide.
You simply need an apt tool to create such Stories.
VisualStories.com provides a Web Story Builder to create visually vibrant and engaging Stories. It's a visual blogging platform for writers, marketers and bloggers. With different categories in the Visual Stories Network, a single sign-up allows you to guest post on different niches. The Stories you create are search engine friendly.
As Google has started doubling down on Stories and ranking fast-loading content on the web higher, Web Stories are good for your SEO too. Thus, Chad Pollitt rightly said, "SEO is not something you do anymore. It’s what happens when you do everything else right."