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Digital Marketing for Travel Industry

Vinita Tahalramani
Going with the phrase which says “ What You See is On Sale”. Now we have a rhetorical one for you; Where are the people seeing? Yes, on DIGITAL PLATFORMS. So have you harnessed digital media the right way to grow your business?
Making it easy for you… here we give you the dos and don'ts of digital marketing for the travel industry for years to come.
First, the DOs
1. Create Content That Your Audience Can Connect With
You must have gained success by scaling your business to everyone, but trust us it might also be a fluke.

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For the long run, understanding the target audience is of huge importance to tailor the content. People connect to the brand that closely follows and fulfills their needs.
2. Embrace Web Stories
Web Stories are Snapchat like stories that are search engine-friendly.
Having the potential to rank on Google's 1st page and with Stories in the travel niche featuring there already; Web Stories present a huge opportunity to the travel industry.
Visual Stories lets you get the Web Stories feature on your own website or start a new website with this feature. You can get a travel widget to update your traditional website with amazing travel Web Stories. You can create promotional Web Stories and attract a larger audience.
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3. Help Your Readers Take Decisions
Reach out to the places before the traveler. Bridge the gap between the traveler and the travel location by providing the complete plan from “where to go” to “where to stay”. Be relevant to all types of travelers.
4. Re-marketing
Re-market your brand to your loyal customers. This is an aggressive way of marketing yet an authentic one, as you will be sure to get some clicks on the board. And to tell you more, re-marketing campaigns are inexpensive.
5. Work on SEO
More than 60% travelers find travel inspiration while researching for the locations. Be relevant to your travel-loving audience. Write about what they are searching for, include popular travel destinations in your content strategy.
DON'Ts for Digital Marketing
1. Don’t Forget Social Media
Social media is popular and hence effective in building your online presence. About one-third of the audience is on social media, so be present and active on all prominent social media platforms.
2. Don’t Ignore Analysis
Keep a track of how your audience is responding. Measuring success of a strategy brings in the opportunity to enhance the results over time.
3. Don’t Overdo
Working with a lot of marketing strategies can lead to a confusion of what is working for your business. Flooding the audience with ads can become overwhelming and thus lead to disinterest.
4. Don’t Miss Out on Time
Being at the right place at the right time is what marketing is all about. Do not miss the opportunity to communicate with your audience at the right time.
5. Don’t Forget to Personalize With Emails
Yes!, we say this. Sending emails helps establish a personal connect with your customers and helps build trust.

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“We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.” –David Walmsley