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E-commerce Redefined: How Web Stories Can Boost Sales

In e-commerce, to sell anything, impact is everything. Skyrocket your e-commerce sales with Google's impactful Web Stories.
Akshay Kulkarni
Web Stories are Google's entry into the Stories format which is currently ruling the social media. These Stories are already held in high regard by news media giants like CNN, Vox, Mashable, etc., but that doesn’t mean it is limited to news stories. The attributes of Web Stories are perfect for e-commerce business if used correctly.
To sell anything online, you must feed your target audience a sumptuous meal of content to create a vivid image of your product in their mind and also incubate a need to buy it. The Web Stories format has all the key ingredients to let you connect with your audience.
As e-commerce business claims for almost 60% of its sales through mobile users, you can target your potential customers with the mobile-focused Web Stories with their fast-loading and immersive content.
Exquisite visuals and crisp content in Web Stories keep your audience hooked and convert them into customers, effortlessly.
With Web Stories, you can highlight your products in better ways. You can use images, animations and even videos to demonstrate your products. This will let your potential customers get involved in your offers, thereby boosting the chances of sales.
Web Stories can be searched and shared by a wider demographics, through search engines and social media channels, respectively. In addition to this, the features of Web Stories make them more likely to go viral, thereby increasing your brand awareness.
The visually rich and immersive Web Stories can generate organic traffic for your e-commerce websites. They tick all the right boxes of search engine ranking factors, especially the engagement metrics like time on site and bounce rates. With Google focusing more on Stories in search results, your Web Stories can rank better.
Adopt the latest blogging format; start visual blogging with Web Stories. An innovation of Google, the Web Stories format lets you create fast-loading, visually engaging, full-screen, immersive stories which grab readers' attention and keep them enthralled.