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How to Make Business Cards Online

Puja Lalwani
The option to make business cards online is definitely cost-effective. What goes into making these business cards? Is the entire process really worth it? Let's find out.
Fancy or simple, big or small, a business card can do for you what a lot of other marketing tools cannot. In effect, it is one of the best ways to market yourself and have people remember you by. A well-designed business card can, in fact, help you do the trick and provide the right first impression.
Having one is simply professional, and even if you consider your business to be 'menial', you ought to have a well-designed business card to market it. While the cost of designing and printing these cards may be slightly high, you now have the option of designing and printing them online, which can really help you kick-start your business on the right note.

Steps Involved

Every website that allows you to make your own business cards has a specific pattern to do so.

1. First, you are asked to choose the dimensions you want. Based on your requirement and the information you wish to include in it, you can choose the appropriate size.
2. Next, a lot of ready-made design templates are available, and a pattern suitable to your business can be included in it. Also, keep in mind the colors you want to choose for your card. Usually, the same design may be available in a variety of colors. Keeping in mind the color and design in relation to your business is very important.
3. If you have a specific logo that you have designed for your business, these websites allow you to upload the logo and place it appropriately on the card. Ensure that the color of the logo and the background complement and don't clash with each other. Some may offer choices in logo designs too.
4. Next comes the text that you want to include. Websites usually give you slots to fill, and place the information you fill in those text boxes on the card. On some you may not have the option of adding a tag line or additional information on the card.
If it is a basic card you want, then this option is a good one. Some websites allow you to create customized cards, so that additional information can be added there.
5. Options regarding the font are also available, in terms of size, type, and color. Again, information such as the name of your company and its tag line should be highlighted, and a smaller font can be used for your name, number, and other contact details.
Once you are done designing, you can order prints for the same. Now what you must keep in mind is that some websites only allow you to design these cards, and may charge an amount for printing it. While some may offer free printing along with a choice in the type of paper you wish to use, the quality of the paper may not be that great.
Finally, some websites may allow a limited number of free prints and charge you for the remainder. For instance, they may offer 100 - 250 free prints, after which, you will have to pay for the remaining number you want.
Websites that offer a larger number of prints for free usually have discreet advertisements at the back of the business card, which means, apart from advertising yourself through your personal business cards, you are also advertising another brand or company.
Though there are these hidden terms and costs, the opportunity to design printable cards online really helps save a lot of time and energy.
In fact, some websites enable you to design your card from scratch, and help provide you with free (limited) prints for the same. This means you don't have to invest in fancy design software, neither do you have cards similar to others. However, for your own sake, confirm all these details before you go ahead with the final product.