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Garage Sale Signs

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jul 23, 2020
Planning to have a garage sale this holiday season? Garage sale sign ideas given in this story may help you in efficiently advertising your sale.
Garage sales or yard sales are a great way of getting rid of clutter in your house and making some quick bucks in the process. Things such as old musical instruments, furniture, gardening equipment and similar objects which are of no use to you, can fetch a good value in garage sales.
However, if you wish to know how to have a successful sale, you need to start with good advertising of your garage sale. Sale signs can go a long way in taking your event to a large number of people.
Garage or yard sale signs are readily available at hardware stores. These are mostly plastic signs and have a very professional look about them. However, these signs may eat a share of your profit as they do not come cheap. Besides, you cannot customize these ready-made signs according to your needs. If you wish to maximize your profit, you should be looking for inexpensive signs.

Printable Signs

Printable signs are available online in the form of templates. You can choose from a myriad number of design templates. These templates are available in printable format, you can select a font and text of your choice. You can customize the text according to your specific needs.
You can also include directional arrows in your sign as this option is provided by many websites. You can later stick these printouts to cardboard paper to make your very own yard sale signs. Alternatively, you can also use them as flyers or leaflets and deliver them directly into people's mail.

How to Make Garage Sale Signs

If you do not wish to use printable signs, then making your own signs is one option. However, you will need to buy a few supplies before you are all set to make your own garage sign. Craft paint, markers in two or three colors, cardboard paper are some of the things that you will need.
Depending upon the place where you wish to put up the signs, choose an appropriate font. Write words 'GARAGE SALE' in nice bold and capital letters.
Underneath, mention the details of the sale, such as day, date, time and venue of the sale. If you wish, you can also mention a few things that you are going to put up for sale. This will give people a vague idea regarding what to expect at the sale.
However, avoid divulging too many details as it might kill the excitement. Making your own sale signs is not recommended as it is quite an expensive way of advertising your garage sale.

Tips for Creating Noticeable signs ´╗┐

Remember, your garage sale sign is the first impression for your sale. People will make a decision about visiting your sale by taking a look at your sign. Hence, committing mistakes while making signs is unforgivable. Given below are some yard sale tips for making professional looking signs.
  • Choose a large enough font for the text, as people will be driving past your signs.
  • Choose bold colors such as red, black, navy for the text.
  • Do not clutter the sign by listing too many details.
  • The information should be clear and visible from a long distance.
  • Choose strategic places for putting up your sign. Streets with heavy pedestrian traffic are ideal for this purpose.
A good advertising strategy will ensure that you get a good turnout at your event. This will eventually result in more profit for you.