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Green Marketing Ideas

Geeta Dhavale
Green marketing is gaining popularity as people are becoming more and more environment friendly. To get some ideas for your business too, read on.
Green marketing is not a new concept, but many of us are not aware of it. Green marketing is nothing but the process of selling products or services that are environment friendly. In this kind of marketing, a manufacturer will highlight the environmental benefits associated with a product or a service to motivate the consumer to buy the same.
Manufacturers may alter or modify their product in terms of its production process and packaging, etc. Apart from this, green marketing also calls for eco-friendly advertising and marketing strategies.
These marketing ideas will help the products or services get recognized as environment friendly, that may lead to increased profits. Here are some of the popular and successful green marketing ideas that you can use for your business.

Advertising on Electronic Media

There are many environmental benefits associated with advertising on electronic media that can boost your green business. No paper is wasted as advertisements are flashed on TV or internet.
Online marketing tips saves automatic exhaust that may be caused otherwise.

Work From Home

Design a system where in your employees can work from home, so that they do not have to commute long distance, as a result of which air pollution will be less. This will also help you ease out the stress on the management of the company and save money.

Eco-friendly Packaging

This is one of the best ideas for product manufacturers. You can change your product packaging style by making them more environment friendly. For example, you can change the plastic cover in to a bag or a carton that is made of a biodegradable material.

Green Schemes for Customers

You can come with many 'green' schemes and offers for your customers.
Like, you can gift a grocery bag to the customers so that they don't have to carry the grocery in the plastic bags. For an effective and free advertising, print the name of your company with a catchy 'no plastic' message on the bag.

Green Incentives for Customers

It is again one of the ideas that many companies are using successfully. You can offer various eco-friendly incentives to the customers, by which their purchase would contribute to the well-being of the planet.
For example, if they buy your service, then one percent of each sale would go to an NGO that is dedicated to the environment. This way your customers can receive what they want and still experience the 'joy of giving'.

CO2 Server

All of us use Internet and computers for working and business. This too causes too much of E-waste and contributes to pollution. To cut down on such pollution you can resort to CO2 servers that are one of the great marketing ideas. Such eco-friendly green web hosts, offset some percentage of their energy usage with natural power such as wind power etc.


If your business involves or relies on transportation then you can make the transportation more environment friendly, by switching to 'green vehicle' or using 'green fuel' for your vehicle etc. This too will help in reducing the air pollution.
Apart from this, you can think of recycling and waste management for your business process. These were some of the ideas that you can use for your business. Most of these ideas will not only help you reduce the carbon footprint, but they are also very profitable for the business.
Many of the given ideas help you reduce the cost of your service or product that ultimately results in more profit. So try some of these ideas and be one of the successful green entrepreneur.