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Grow Your Travel Brand Online With Web Stories

Web Stories prove to be an effective way for branding your travel business. Know how.
Manali Oak Jun 24, 2020
They are fast-loading and visually engaging, which is why they easily attract user's attention. Moreover, they rank in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page.
Web Stories (earlier known as AMP Stories) combine the user experience of social media stories with the reach of the web.
These features of Web Stories make a big reason why every business should adopt this content format. Scoring high on search engine metrics as well as user engagement, Web Stories help achieve greater brand recognition and effective business promotion.
If you are in the travel industry, you must be facing the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic and the lockdown have led to a travel ban in many countries.
A decline in movement of people across the globe is having a huge impact on the tourism industry. This sector is going to suffer the most perhaps, in the economic meltdown caused by Covid-19.
However, your marketing efforts cannot stop. Rather you should be adopting a new way to promote your business and build a stronger brand presence till the time things are better and travel starts again.
Use this time to build your brand and expand your reach online. This way you will retain your customers and also earn new ones. 
To take your marketing efforts a few notches higher, adopt Web Stories. Get the Web Stories feature implemented on your own website without affecting its existing structure and without writing a single line of code.
Create marketing content in the Stories format as there's a high possibility that you will see it rank in Google.
Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to get the Web Stories feature on a subdomain of your own website. And it's free. Once the setup is completed, you can start creating Web Stories on your website using our Visual Story Builder that is WYSIWYG and comes with a media library of images, videos and music you can add to your Stories.
Apart from getting a site started, you can also guest blog on relevant categories of Visual Stories and post content about your business, with links to your website. Put your effort in content marketing in the Web Stories format.
Write Stories about your business, your product or about the services you provide. Inform users about the changes you may be introducing in the post-covid world, or give them safety advice to travel during or after the pandemic. 
Web Stories, especially those in the travel niche have started ranking on Google's 1st page. So, your Stories will help more users know about your brand. You may not see immediate action but when travel resumes, you will see conversions because by then you will have gained brand recognition.
Boost your travel business online by adopting Web Stories. There are no technical hassles and it's free.