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Growth Hacking Tips for Travel Website

Shantanu Godase
Growth Hacking has been a buzzword among the startups for a long time now. But what is growth hacking and how a new travel website or business can implement it in their strategy? Let’s find out.
The term "Growth Hacking" was put forth by Sean Ellis, who is the founder and CEO of GrowthHackers. What he really meant by this term was 'to use low-cost and creative strategies to acquire customers in the shortest amount of time.'
What is Growth Hacking
In this fast-paced world, competition on the internet has increased widely. Many website owners want their brand or website to reach out to the people in the shortest amount of time.
Here are some tips for growth hacking, that you can implement in the marketing strategy of your travel website.
Find people who love to travel. Talk about your travel business with them. It is a good practice and always beneficial to be around such people. It helps in learning the needs of a travel.
1. Connect with Travel Enthusiasts
Ask the details like, what kind of places they love to go or visit frequently. Tell them about your website and its features in the conversation. Ask about what they expect when they visit a travel website.

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Try talking about the discount, offers and benefits the website provides. These people will surely help by sharing the details in their travel circle.
Travel website is more likely to grow when people around the globe know about the brand. Therefore, it is very essential to create an online following, like on social media, which can help in hacking your growth.
2. Create an Online Following
Team up with travel influencers like YouTubers, Instagrammers and travel bloggers who have a greater crowd than you. Increasing the chances of recommending your website in their blog or video, will develop your website traffic and improve your growth hacking.
3. Collaborate with Influencers
Web Stories is Google’s new content format, similar to Instagram Stories. They are visually appealing and provide an immersive experience to the readers. It is a perfect format for travel related content, as it enhances user engagement.
4. Adopt Web Stories for SEO Boost
Moreover, Web Stories have started ranking on Travel niche in a dedicated section of Google's first page. You can create beautiful looking Web Stories using Visual Stories tool without having to do any coding; and you can also integrate them on your website easily.
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Yes, I know this has been suggested a lot, and doesn't exactly come under 'Growth Hacking tips'. But high-quality content is the key to good amount of traffic on your website.
5. Create High Quality Content

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People love it, Google loves it. No matter how much you spend on marketing, if your travel website doesn't have unique and high-graded content, you are wasting your money.
A high quality and a valuable content on the website turns your visitors into regular visitors. They can even be a part of the process of recommendation to others. As mentioned before, Web Stories can provide you with high-quality content easily, without the need of long-form and text-heavy articles.
Partner with local travel businesses by advertising their travel packages on your website. On the other hand, they will also want to spread the word about your website. Corresponding with organizations that sell travel stuffs like travel gears can also help in gaining some popularity.
6. Partner with Local Businesses
Travelers are always attempting to find lowest fares possible for their travel. Provide some discount on the prices of the travel packages, and it will really be beneficial for a large chunk of visitors. Thus, providing you with a competitive stance against the big players.
7. Compete on Pricing