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Helpful Guest Blogging Tips to Promote Your e-Commerce Website

Sonali Pimpale
A majority of people today are opting to shop online, even for the most basic commodities. Given this, a sound guest blogging strategy is essential to stay on top of the fiercely competitive e-commerce business.

Walk a Fine Line

Balance between niche websites and broad ones. The former targets a specific audience, is more likely to reach the right users, but can yield less traffic. The latter reaches a wider audience, but not all of them might be interested in what you have to offer. Your best bet to get the best of both worlds - mix guest blogging on niche blogs and broad blogs.

Don’t Bet on the Wrong Horse

In a bid to target a larger reader base, do not submit guest posts on blogs that are a far cry from your industry. It would be silly to post about makeup products on a blog devoted to sports, right?

Web Stories to the Rescue!

Plain, lengthy text is not palatable to today’s readers. They need visual stimulation to connect with your words. Web Stories, with bite-sized text pieces and good images, are the best way to give modern readers exactly what they need. Bring them closer to your products and services by starting a visual blog. Start guest blogging in the Stories format.

Build a Two-Way Street

As far as possible, target the blogs that allow backlinks to your website in your guest posts. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. They will move up your search engine ranking, bringing an influx of traffic to your e-commerce website. But, keep in mind that stuffing your post with backlinks will do more harm than good.

Widen Your Reach

Just submitting guest posts to websites may not be enough. Put some effort in promoting them on social media to let your content reach a larger audience.

Watch Like a Hawk

Keep a close eye on the best sources of incoming traffic to figure out which one of your guest blogging strategies works out the best for your e-commerce website.