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5 High-Performing Types of Content Marketing for 2020

Ishwari Pamu Jul 8, 2020
With professedly infinite ways to use content for promoting your business, know what type of content marketing strategy will work to your advantage.
Content marketing is providing insightful information, peppered with apt ads that promote your business, to your readers. In today’s world, where the rise and fall of a business depends on marketing, content marketing has become a necessity. Studies say, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates more than thrice as many leads.


Blogging makes up the central part of a business’s content marketing strategy, irrespective of its size. And for good reason! Blog posts are one of the best and easiest way to drive organic traffic to your website from various search engines.
Along with improving your SEO, blogging is an excellent technique to build a relationship with your customers, generate rapid leads and build quality backlinks by providing valuable short-form content to a target audience. It’s a clever way to build business credibility at a relatively low cost.
Visual Stories lets you guest blog on multiple websites that are currently a part of the Visual Story Network (VSN). Its Web Story Builder comes with top-of-the-line features and lets you create your own Web Stories that are visually narrative and riveting.


If you want to be a front runner in your business, it is essential that you engage your target audience’s attention. Users, today would rather watch a video about a product/service than read about it. Videos are a type of content marketing strategy that provide more information in less time.
Videos as a content marketing strategy is catching fire these days, as they provide a fetching Return On Investment and generate ample organic traffic. They are a quick way to build brand awareness.


Infographics allow you to envelop a copious amount of information into one image with visually narrative and snackable data that can best educate your audience.
Infographics strike the perfect balance between content and visual illustrations and hence have a great potential of going viral. They are an ideal way to share stats, percentages, features of a concept, etc. and are also capable of generating quality backlinks required for your website.

Case Studies

Case studies can be customer stories illustrating how your business has provided solutions or helped them become more efficient. They can also provide an in-depth explanation of your product/service, its general applications and uses.
Case studies are not only original, but they are also easily shareable. They provide actionable information that helps to get more conversions for your business, build trust with new leads and have a potential to convince your prospects about the worthiness of your product.

Social Media Posts

Social Media is an exceptional vessel for small scale businesses to reach their target audience. If you want to build brand awareness, social media posts are the quickest way to do so. The content of your social media posts plays a vital role in engaging your customers.
Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, being extremely popular, can help businesses influence newer audiences. They can help businesses provide detailed information about their product/service, send out sale and promotional alerts and develop new leads.