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How to Advertise Your Lawn Care Business

Madhushree Kelkar Mar 20, 2020
A lawn care business can be a lucrative venture provided you advertise it in the right way such that it gets a competitive edge over the others.


Hire a design agency to get the designs for your flyers, posters, advertisements, business cards, door hangers, etc., done to give them a professional look and feel.
A lawn care business requires you to undertake a number of different advertising strategies to reach out to your target market. While some of these can be easily afforded, there are a few which are expensive.
However, consider the advertising expenditure as your investment which will help communicate about your business to your prospective customers. This is even more vital, if you are not an established business and are relatively new in the market. This calls for special efforts which will help get the attention of your target market.
If you are thinking about maximizing your advertising to gain profit, then here is a guide you on how to advertise your lawn care business.


Book advertising spaces in the local newspapers, magazines, community publications, church publications, etc. For a business like yours, this type of advertising will not go unnoticed.
There are many people who have a large lawn, but have no time to mow or maintain it. Such people are always on the lookout for a good business. Hence, investing in this traditional medium of advertising can reap you a good profit.


Get a printing vendor to print flyers for you at an affordable rate. Generally, you will have to pay lesser for a bulk print order.
Mail these flyers to homeowners in residential areas with lawns. You can also distribute them at home improvement shops, malls, supermarkets, parking lots, etc. However, you may have to take their permission before handing out flyers at these outlets. Flyers will definitely help bring more and more profit for the business.


Put up posters at a number of places like community billboards, church boards, supermarkets, malls, hardware shops, etc. Let people see the poster and be compelled to call you. Ensure that the poster is designed in an attractive way and conveys the message in minimum words. Also, tell people about the various schemes you will offer through the poster.


This is one business that can benefit through referrals. Just imagine, if you have 5 happy and satisfied customers and they recommend your services to 10 others, your business will expand rapidly.
Getting a referral lends credibility to your service. Hence, ensure that your customers like your work and approach you for repeat services or recommend you to their family and friends.


First and foremost, get your business enlisted in the yellow pages and other directories.
Yes, there are many people who are not Internet savvy, and depend on these directories to find services like yours. So, don't underestimate the power of advertising in a hardbound directory. Similarly, there are many online directories where you can enlist your business.

Online Listing

Try to register your business on websites which enlist various services like Craigslist. This will help people, who will be searching for a lawn care business, to find your contact details.
Also, this will enable you to get maximum number of customers. Many such websites also show customer ratings and reviews. Hence, ensure that your service is such that you do not face criticism on these websites. Try to get yourself registered on the BBB website, as it will lend credibility to your business.

Trade Shows

Trade shows or home improvement fairs are the right platform to promote your lawn care business.
If you cannot afford to get an entire stall, you can go for a smaller booth. It will give you an opportunity to interact with the prospective customers on a one-on-one basis and also lend you an opportunity to get service contracts signed at the venue. You can also hand out your marketing material along with a small branded gift.

Business Cards

Having professionally designed business cards is a must. You will have to hand them out to prospective customers whenever you get a chance. Try to hand over more than one card at a time so that the person can give them to others who need it.


Get a decent website designed for your service. Try to show the before and after photos of the lawn once you have mowed it. Images can speak a lot more than words; hence, incorporating such photos will speak about your lawn caring capabilities.
Try to include testimonials from your customers. If you can book lawn care orders online and process the payment, there's nothing like it. Also, the website should rank when someone searches for specific keywords related to lawn care, so optimize your website for search engine use.

Vehicle Branding

You can use your business vehicle or truck to brand your logo. This can be costly, but it will serve the purpose of advertising as the vehicle will travel all over the city and people will read about your business.

Radio Ads

Sponsoring spots on local radio stations and adding a catchy jingle or two can make people remember you. This can help generate a good brand recall and recognition. Also, advertising on a local radio station will not cost much.

Discounts, Coupons, and Other Schemes

Come up with discounts, free service, and other schemes to gain a competitive edge. Try to distribute discount coupons to people who recommend your service to others. Keep introducing such innovative schemes to make profit.


✦ Put up door hangers, advertising your business details.

✦ Network with allied businessmen to promote your business.

✦ Try to put yard signs in certain areas.

✦ Distribute branded merchandise like car magnets, refrigerator magnets, mugs, key chains, etc.
Whatever advertising and promotional investment you are making, ensure that you calculate the return on investment to know whether you are on the right track. In the end, make sure that every advertising strategy which you implement leaves the customers mighty impressed.