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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software?

Bindu swetha
Marketing is the key for any business to flourish, and with traditional marketing strategies taking a backseat, the focus has shifted to digital marketing.

Choose According To Your Needs

Many email marketing software, known as integrated software, can work in integration with your current CRM system, which can be expensive than the standalone software. It is for you to decide whether you need a standalone or integrated system, depending on your needs.
The need to reach out to people, while you are running your business, is given the utmost priority. In management studies, marketing is seen as the key to success, as it provides various options to get noticed. It is only when a firm gets noticed will it get business.
In today's age, a large chunk of marketing is done via the Internet. With the widespread reach of Internet, it is easier to reach out to the maximum number of people, in no time. Emails, advertisements, SMS, digital banners, etc., are some of the most common marketing strategies that are used.
Email marketing, as the name suggests, is the marketing strategy that uses the medium of email to reach out to customers. The current customer base or the sold lists are referred, for obtaining email addresses of customers.
In case you wish to do the marketing yourself, instead of hiring a third-party, you will need reliable marketing software that can perform the task in minutes, and help fetch you business.

8 Factors to Consider

Evaluate Need

There are hundreds of email marketing software that are available, and each one of them has its own specialization. Few software can get email addresses, manage emails, send them, and also analyze responses after a stipulated time period.
It is for you to decide whether you need the software to perform all these tasks, or a single one. Carefully research the features of the software, and then narrow down on any one of them.


Computer and Internet technology is constantly changing. If the software that you have currently chosen doesn't adhere to this changing process, your software may soon become outdated. This can adversely effect your business. Thus, it is necessary to have a software that upgrades itself on a regular basis.

Ease of Use

The software that you choose will be used by many employees of your firm. If using the software needs expertise, its likelihood of being used will reduce. Thus, the ease of using the software plays a vital role in choosing the software. It should have a simple user interface, and an easy troubleshooting or help option.


The email marketing software are created to give end-to-end marketing solutions.
From the import of contact lists to sending the email, all the tasks should be performed by the software. The software should be able to detect repeated addresses.
Also, many software allow you to tag address depending on the geographic area, so that demographic-specific emails can be sent. However, It is advisable to evaluate your feature-related needs before zeroing-in on any software.


Though all the other factors matter, it eventually boils down to the cost. When you have started a business, the funds allocation for the marketing campaign is not huge. Thus, it is necessary to consider the cost-effectiveness of the software before buying it.

Help and Support

Once you have bought the software, there are bound to be glitches in its usage. Your problems need to be solved on timely basis by the software-making company.
A representative from the firm should be present for help, and also features like live chat should be available. Consult with the existing or past customers of these firms to find out about their after-sales support.

Integrating with Social Media

Social media is the newest hangout place, and often potential customers are found on this platform. Thus, it is wise to tap this sector for marketing purposes.
There are many software available in the market which can integrate emails with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This integration will definitely fetch you more customers due to the social media website's user base.

Report Creation

The need to get an email marketing software is to make people aware of your product through an email. It is only when you know how the campaign is going, that you can make amendments to it.
The software should provide you all the graphs and charts regarding the subscription to the email, unsubscribing information, how many people actually open the email, how many emails reach the intended customer, etc.
You will find a lot of email marketing software reviews online, read each of them carefully by keeping the said factors in mind. By using such software, you will be able to grow your business in the digital marketplace as well.