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How to Choose a Trade Show Theme

Rujuta Borkar
A trade show allows companies to advertise their products and services thus helping in marketing. For an event like this, there needs to be a proper theme in place. What are the factors that go into choosing a proper theme is what we shall be studying here.
When companies launch new products, they need to advertise and market them, which is crucial for sales. Before the products even reach the shelves though, there is one important step that cannot be ignored. This step being that the products need to be introduced to the varied suppliers.
And how is one to introduce them to the suppliers and consumers who essentially make up the market? That is where the concept of trade shows comes in. This concept was introduced so that there could be a platform whereby organizations could introduce their products to the different sections in the market, with the view of selling or gaining more clientèle.
This practice runs on the same lines as that of a trade fair where different companies gather under one roof and display their products by employing varied means like live displays, distributing pamphlets or maybe playing corporate films that define their products.
Some trade shows are organized exclusively for the suppliers while others are open to both clients and consumers. Whatever the nature of the trade show though, the theme that the trade show is set on will go a long way in determining the success of your products and add to the networking as well.
Here, we will tell you exactly how to bring this through and the points to consider for it to be a success.

Choosing the Right Trade Show Theme - Points to Consider

The theme is important for the success of a trade show. It sets you apart from your competitors. It draws in more clients and consumers because they are attracted to what you're offering and it does not allow the mundane and routine to set in and therefore, keeps you wanting to thrive for more.
Thus, the way you present your products is very important and that is where the concept of a good theme comes in. How to choose a trade show theme that will ensure success? Consider the following points.

The General Theme

Is there a general theme to the whole fair that you can work with? Sometimes trade shows will give all the participants a common theme to work with. Even though you've been given this theme, try to find ways in which you can stand out.

List the Strong Points

For you to be able to work with the theme at hand, you need to know your product thoroughly and draw out the strong points of the same. These are the points that you need to stress on when coming up with a theme. What is it that you want the clients and consumers to know? Can you bring it out with the theme?

Draw From Your Product

A theme generally works well when there is an all pervasive theme that is running forth. Consider your product and the theme that it can be molded into. Then try to make as much impact as you can with the theme. For example, if your products are summer wear for women, then your theme will be summer. Do whatever it takes to make the summer theme come through.
For example, you could replicate a set as a booth theme such that it looks like the beach and you could have your staff wear sun dresses from the collection. You could also offer cool drinks to the clients and consumers to drive the theme home further.

Let the Theme be All-Encompassing

When you come up with a theme, try to make it all-encompassing. Make sure that you maintain the same theme in all processes of planning - the pre-event advertising as well as the post event advertising. This will enhance the theme further.

Bring in the Interactive Factor

One of the best ways in which a theme is seen to work wonders is when there is the factor of interaction brought in. If possible, include games and other activities which encourage interaction between the consumers, clients and the organizers. Including prizes is also a great way to promote the theme and thereby the products.
These are some of the factors that one should consider when one chooses a trade show theme. A careful study of these points and preparing a theme based on the same will go a long way in ensuring success of your product.