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How Web Stories Can Help Travel Marketers in and After Covid-19 Crisis

Manali Oak Jul 9, 2020
Marketing content created in the Web Stories format can help travel businesses grow amid the Covid-19 crisis. Know how!
During thisĀ  global crisis, you, as a travel marketer may be looking out for new strategies to boost your business. By the time things get back to normal, you should emerge stronger.
Now is the time to expand your reach, build your audience and earn recognition for your brand. Web Stories can help you here.
Backed by Google's AMP technology, Web Stories are like social media Stories (fast-loading, visually engaging), but they are search engine-friendly and can rank on Google's 1st page.
Web Stories in the travel niche have started ranking in the Visual Stories carousel on Google's 1st page, thus turning out to be a golden marketing opportunity for the travel businesses.
Travel marketers should focus on creating content in the Web Stories format. Write about your business, services you provide or help your readers stay motivated during these tough times with this visually appealing content format.
Just because travel has stopped, don't stop your marketing efforts. Utilize this time to increase your visibility on the web. Retain your customers and make them return when travel starts again.
So what if tourism has halted; the industry will soon bloom again. At that time if you want more customers, ensure that you are not forgotten.
One amazing way to help reach out to more web audience is Web Stories. Due to their high loading speeds and because they are mobile-focused and immersive, they engage users better. Moreover since they rank, they help maximize your reach globally.
So what are your waiting for, get the Web Stories feature on your own website with the help of Visual Stories. Get access to the Story Builder tool that lets you create Web Stories with free access to music library and millions of images to beautify your Stories.