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5 Most Effective Viral Marketing Tactics for 2020

Ishwari Pamu
Viral Marketing is a business strategy adopted by marketers to advertise their brand using the existing social networks and ideas that spread like wildfire. Here are some viral marketing tactics for 2020.

1. Use the Web Stories Format

Web Stories, a new Stories format by Google, can be a lot effective in 2020 due to its innovative approach that's totally different from the traditional articles format. While articles are text-heavy and long-form; the Stories are light on text, have rich visuals and load speedily. Plus, they are mobile-focused and user-first.
Due to the rise in the usage of smartphones to access the Internet, the chances of content going viral are high, if it is mobile-focused. Thus, creating content in the Stories format serves as an effective viral marketing tactic. It leads to an enhanced user experience as well as higher search engine rankings.
The Web Story Builder developed by Visual Stories, helps you create Stories using visually represented data that’s engaging and precise. Adopting this tactic will help you gain some major ground over your competitors.

2. Use Videos

It’s no secret that videos are the simplest, most comprehensible and effective way of marketing. With videos being easily shareable and most frequently viewed now more than ever, they guarantee customer attention and higher engagement thereby bringing good traffic.
So the next time you are thinking about the kind of posts to schedule on social media to promote your product or service, think videos. Users are more likely to watch and share videos and spend 88% more time on websites with video, making them the best viral marketing tactic to cultivate brand awareness.

3. Generate Trustworthy Content

Influencer Marketing, a hybrid of celebrity endorsement and the present-day marketing tactics, usually involves a collaboration between the brands and the influencer.
It’s not just about celebrities saying corny taglines anymore, it’s come a long way since. Consumers are more likely to buy a product/service recommended by a non-celebrity who is a trusted blogger or a vlogger as they are relatable. They value their advice more than that of celebrity influencers.

4. Offer Free Trials

Offering free trials of products/services for a limited period of time makes an impression that they are trustworthy and it helps you provide a first-hand user experience. It gives the consumer an opportunity to compare your product with others.
When consumers sign up for free trials, they try to make the most of the service; this automatically sets up a routine in their mind making your product a necessity.

5. Choose Guest Blogging

Post on an eminent blogger’s network as a guest blogger. This will allow you to reach their audiences too, which in turn will increase your brand’s outreach. Besides, this will lower your advertising and marketing cost and will increase your brand value.
Guest blogging using the Web Stories format on prominent, well-established sites will make way for rapid lead generation. This viral marketing tactic has the potential to make your brand a success.