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Newspaper Advertising Tips

Charlie S
The newspaper advertising tips and ideas mentioned in this story will help you to gain maximum business opportunities and make most of the space you have paid for.
The business world has become very competitive these days and every company is trying its level best to increase its market share. However, only those people who can effectively reach out to their customers can win this race. Advertising is one of the best tools to reach millions of people and present the quality and utility of your product.
Though Internet, television, and radio advertising have emerged as the most popular forms of advertising in this modern era, you cannot ignore the importance and utility of newspaper advertising. This is for the simple reason that print ads are read by many people because of the large circulation.
The following tips for newspaper advertisement can help you to avoid some common mistakes and gain maximum benefit from your advertising opportunity.

Tips for Newspaper Advertising

Choose the Most Popular Newspaper

While placing an ad, you must be aware of how popular the newspaper is. The more the readers, more will be the inquiries you get and consequently, more clients. Though popular newspapers will have higher ad rates, it is advisable to go with them if you want a wide reach.

Get the Wording Right

The wording of the advertisement is very important as it will attract people to the products of your company. It should be simple, easy to understand, and grammatically correct. You can take help from a language expert or copywriter for the same, if you find it difficult to compose the ad wording yourself.

Looks Matter

The overall appearance of the advertisement should also be attractive for the readers. You can have a slightly bigger ad and a colored one with content written in a stylish manner for getting more attention. Of course, such experiments do come at a steep cost, but after all, advertising is all about getting new customers. A picture of your product and its salient features in short can be useful to get the attention you need.


Ad position matters. Generally, it is believed that ads on the first few pages and those at the top of the newspaper get better customer attention. So you can position your ad that way and reap rich benefits. There are many columns in newspapers under which the ads are printed.
Your ad should be placed in the right category or subhead. For example, if you are providing investment advice, then your ad should appear under a title like 'Investments and Consulting'. Placing an ad under the wrong or unrelated subhead will lead to a big loss of potential customers.

Take Advantage of Schemes

Advertising can be a very costly affair and for many businesses, it is a substantial chunk of the total expenses. You need to keep your expenses under control to ensure that your profit margins are maintained.
Considering the growing competition in the print media market, many newspapers offer attractive schemes for their customers. Sometimes you get discounts. You may also get free ads after paying for a few ads. So, take advantage of these schemes to increase the reach of your business.

Check the Details

The details given in the ad should be correct and to the best of your knowledge. Especially, contact numbers should be double checked, because if you end up giving the wrong number, you will obviously not get any inquiry calls.
The earlier-mentioned suggestions will help in growing your business. Use them effectively to gain maximum impact for your advertisement.