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Effective Steps for Marketing Non-profit Organizations

Ujwal Deshmukh
In today's competitive world, for any profit-generating organization, yielding high level of profits and consumer satisfaction without marketing is nearly impossible. Non profit organizations are also not an exception to it. How are they marketed, then? Read on to find out.
Everyone is familiar with non profit organizations. They do not work for any kind of profits and, therefore, none of their shareholders are benefited from the profit point of view. This category generally includes charitable trusts, public art organizations, and firms that work for the underprivileged people, the disabled, and orphans.
Why do they need marketing in the first place? Looking at the 'non-profit' nature of the organization, this is quite an obvious question. However, the answer to this question is to satisfy the needs and demands of people to whom the services are rendered and also to satisfy the needs of the ones who are donating large amounts for the welfare of those people.
Marketing for these organizations is also important in order to attract more donors and therefore become capable of providing better quality services.

Essential Tips and Strategies

Develop a Marketing Plan

Before you actually start, you need to develop a plan. This plan would guide you throughout the entire process, help you keep track of every detail, and do a follow-up on everything efficiently.

Identify the Market

Be it a profit making organization or otherwise - identify the target market. Identify the place where you want to work and to which section of society you wish to cater and extend your services through your organization.
In order to do this, you can research and approach some other non-profit organizations that work in the same field. Get some necessary tips to reach the donors and publicize your organization.


Advertising forms an important part of your marketing process. Once you have collected and gathered all the necessary information based on your research, start advertising. Begin with the distribution of brochures, contact social networking websites and flash your advertisements on them.
They are a very useful medium to advertise your organization within the donor circles. Your advertisement should contain all the necessary information, such as the organizational values and mission statement, the services and the area of work, donation plans and strategies, and also the benefits that people can get from your organization.

Continue Marketing

Advertisement will surely help you in gaining donors, but do not stop once you have acquired some of them. Try to retain them for a long time and also keep on searching for new donors. The best ways to do this are, calling them up for special events, updating them on the change in donation strategies, emailing them frequently, and keeping a follow-up.

Success Advertisement

Advertising your organizational success is another effective marketing technique, which helps you reach greater heights. Capitalizing on the success of your endeavors could help you display the stability and recognition of your organization. You would therefore land new projects and high profile contributors.

Business Expansion

Always look out for tie-ups with huge profit-making organizations, television media, and print media. Send your representatives over there and make people spread awareness about your organization and its work. This can help you in increasing the scope of your organization and also reach a larger group of the needy people.
Hopefully, you must have understood these simple steps for non profit organization marketing. This space is not limited, you can come up with your own strategies by identifying your objectives and mission statements and try to expand your organization.