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Great Ideas for Promotional Clothing

Rujuta Borkar
Promotional clothing is a form of advertising used for the promotion of ones business. Here, we will concentrate on some of the ways in which this form of advertising can be used.
Advertising, promotion and the importance of the same in all forms of life is not even debated anymore. But for a more streamlined approach to this piece, let us concentrate on advertising and promotion that is used in the professional sense of the term.
Advertising and promotion for business is done through the means of several methods, the most common being - banners, posters, strategic placement of lighting, window displays, newspaper and email advertising, promotional activities, sending free gifts and cards, TV advertising, etc. All these work in promoting one's business either directly or indirectly.
One of the most recent methods that has emerged as an excellent form of advertising is that of using promotional clothing. The term might be pretty self-explanatory, but a proper and detailed explanation of the same is in order.
Let's start with something simple then. Promotional clothing is a term that is used to describe the tactics of using clothes for advertising and thereby as a means to promote a business. How does a professional establishment execute the same? Let us study this factor as well as the other factors that are involved in the same.

The Benefits of Promotional Clothing

What are the benefits of promotional clothing as a promotional advertising idea? Of these there are several and we will look through these here.

Low Cost Advertising

Promotional clothing is a low cost advertising form. It does not require any special forms or techniques to be arranged for. In the way that there is no extra cost like advertising in the newspaper or arranging for apparatus for outdoor advertising. The staff advertises the business and thereby promotes it, simply by wearing the clothing.

All Year Round Advertising

The other advantage is that it provides for advertising all year through. The other advertising forms lack in this section because it becomes costly or it requires constant innovation.

Visibility Factor

Since the entire staff is provided for with similar apparel, they become easily visible to the customers. Helping them, therefore becomes easy. In the process, advertising and promotion of the business is undertaken. Other than that, taking lunch out or running errands during the day means that the promotional clothing is being used for a wider spectrum.
A study through the varied promotional clothing benefits will have given you the idea of why this technique has come to be so popular in the recent times.

Creative Promotional Clothing Ideas

Promotional clothing can be carried out through varied means. Here are some of the key features that you need to concentrate on.
■ Promotional clothing has to have the logo of the company or business on the same. This is the first step in promoting the business through clothes. Other than that, there can be several other things accompanying it, but the logo of the company is the main feature that cannot be ignored.
■ As far as promotional clothing is concerned, wearing promotional caps is one of the most effective business promotional items to use. The visibility factor adds to the advantage. Think about it - the cap is fixed on the spot, it does not crumple like other clothing materials and the location garners maximum eyeballs.
■ Choosing the right colors is another factor that makes an impact on the readers. From an advertising point of view, it has been seen that there are certain colors that attract more attention. These include yellow, orange, red, blue and black against a white backdrop. Choosing these colors is considered a good strategy to adopt for promotional clothing.
■ Putting the catch phrase of your business on the promotional clothing allows for visual reinforcement to take place. Usually all business houses have a catch phrase and making optimum use of the same becomes very important. Put yours on the apparel and you can enhance your chances of promoting your business.
■ An indirect way of promoting your business through clothing is by designing different apparel items like T-shirts or caps and then giving them away as free gifts. It's a common human tendency to take up anything that is free of cost. Thus when you give away free shirts or similar, you're increasing the possibility of advertising for the same.
Simple and effective. Make sure that these shirts or caps are made from the highest quality material so that people actually want to own them.
■ The other options that you can make use of are using a series of cartoons that feature your business in humorous business situations (like a running gag). For example, the interaction between the customers and the staff in a funny light. It has been seen that humor is one of the key selling points of any business.
There are several creative and effective promotional clothing ideas. It only depends on the way you use them. Given the range that you can tap into and the several choices that you can make, it is to the best of your interests that you do not stick to merely one, and use a combination instead. This will guarantee a more extensive promotion of your business.