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Pros and Cons of Email Advertising

Neha Joshi
The pros and cons of email advertising are important for us to understand, as email advertising is one of the most commonly used advertising mediums today. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of email advertising.
Email advertising is a part of Internet marketing that has many forms but one. The rate at which companies are advertising on the Internet through this medium alone is increasing by the day.
Internet marketing is generally divided into two parts. One, where it's done on a larger scale by putting up advertisements on web portals and by tie-ups with other websites for promotions. Another way or medium used in Internet advertising is email, which is used to advertise products and services on an individual or one-to-one basis.
Tie-ups can be a bit expensive, but email advertising is cheaper, and this makes it a common advertising medium today for both, small and big companies. If you're planning to advertise your product through this medium, it's important you know both: the pros and cons of doing so.
Email advertising, if used properly, can give you optimum results. Reading through the points listed here will also tell you how to use this medium to its best capacity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Advertising


One of the most common advantages of email advertising known by everyone is the return on investment rate. It doesn't take much to invest in email advertising. Companies that send the email themselves and don't tie up with others, thus having zero investment when it comes to email advertising. They have to spend on only making the advertisement.
Some customers configure their email settings in such a way that they can receive advertising emails that relate to subjects which interest them. Sometimes, they even subscribe to receiving such emails. This helps a company to reach out to many customers at once, just by the clicking of one button.
Everyone who has an email account is bound to check their account at least once in a few days. Most people check it on a daily basis. This way, the advertisement is delivered and viewed immediately, and thus, there is no delay.
The invention of opt-in advertising also eradicated one disadvantage of email advertising, wherein people can now choose what email they want to receive and which ones they don't want in their mailbox. This also helped in fighting off unnecessary spam, in a way.
Email advertising can be tracked by the number of clicks the advertisement gets. The number of clicks is directly equal to the number of people who have viewed your profile. This, in a way, tells you the current success rate of your advertisements.


Unknowingly, companies using email advertising might violate some laws such as the European Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, and the emails might get filtered in these cases. These issues remain out of the company's control at all times.
Server problems have always been a problem with quite a few emails not getting delivered to the customers and many emails get rejected. This means, not all customers receive the email once it has been sent.
Customers get irritated with repeated emails and might block all of them out of this irritation. This reduces the number of targeted customers from a company's log before they can even send the advertisement, forget reading it and liking it.
Advertisements in simple text format don't work very well with customers and come across as boring. Only HTML advertisements appear more interesting and are more read in the email. Thus, this categorization should be kept in mind by all before advertising via email.
Email marketing doesn't only get a lot of revenue, it helps the users to keep a track of the customers they are targeting. All you need to do is tackle the disadvantages with effective strategies and make most of the advantages. Best of Luck!