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Restaurant Theme Ideas

Naomi Sarah
These restaurant theme ideas should help those looking for ways on how to design the layout of their eatery. Mix and match ideas or come up with new ones if these inspire you to think up an all-together new theme.
It must be pretty exciting a venture to have finally opened your own restaurant. A lot of young chefs these days start out on their very own chain of restaurants, where the competition is cutthroat and dodging the overhead butcher knives is not a new maneuver. It is both an impressive and respectable business where it pays to be that good.
So now you've finally taken it upon yourself to start-up your own place and have been contemplating what kind of theme would strike a balance between you and your guests, when it comes to the feel and look of your restaurant. No worries, these restaurant theme ideas should have you mulling over out-of-the-box suggestions that you can get working on.

Theme Ideas for a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is not easy - it takes skill, practice and a drive to get you to where you want to be. And the driving force here isn't money or a loan but, passion. So to kickstart your to-be mammoth restaurant, let's see what kind of themes may work for you.

Abstract Art Meets Arabian Nights Theme

Picture this, you have medium-sized to large blow up paintings of abstract art pieces, strategically placed in the sitting area and reception entrance, so that it doesn't look too over the top. You can then have comfortable cushion chairs for tables with high-back seats with the same do up, to keep guests comfortable.
You could have diwans and bean bags off to an area, like say the smoking part of the restaurant, with low tables and enough space to spread out and relax. The woodwork has an old feel to it, with something quite antique-y about it.
Tables are in polished heavy wood, with single candle holders centered on each table. Furniture is done in complete wood and Arabian-esque material, with tabletops sporting Persian cloths.
It might be quite a contrasting theme, but if you keep the colors of the restaurant subdued, the artwork on the walls and your overall interiors should really stand out. Wallpaper too can have a sandpaper-y look to it, with muted colors to bring out the vibrant hues that the paintings will already imbue.

Food Inspired Theme

Think about what kind of food you're serving your guests - are you sticking to something strictly continental or regional? If you have a global fusion thing going on, try to encapsulate the theme of your restaurant using this as your base idea.
Like say for example, if you are strictly serving Thai cuisine or Japanese food only, or maybe food that is solely Italian or French, circle that culture's symbolic representation in your restaurant.
Use cutlery and colors that speak of that culture, including the kind of furniture that translates into the same message. Give it a homely feel, adding dimmed lights and paintings that depict works from painters of that culture to give it a well-rounded effect for your theme.

Nature Theme

You can style your restaurant around nature-esque demeanor. Place plants and fresh flowers on each table, leaf-embossed paint work, mini fountains, complimentary potpourri bags and organic materials like hemp, jute, and sisal for tabletop covers.
Give guests that feeling of being outdoors while being indoors of course, by providing soft instrumental nature-inspired music, scented candles to saturate the air and refreshing herbal drinks before they start their meals. Why should only spas spark such calm and comfort?

Retro Theme

No matter what age the crowd is that enters your restaurant, there's nothing more reminiscent or fascinating about something that embodies an old-fashioned, gone-are-the-days kind of theme. Both the young and old can take pleasure in enjoying your sixties-inspired restaurant, with mini jukeboxes placed on each table - something like Applebee's.
Go for outdated stools, tables, checkered tabletop covers and wallpaper caricatures showcasing the best that there was in the music/movie business during the eighties. It's comfortable, functional and above all fun if you want to cater to people of all ages with no specific food type to go with.
These restaurant theme suggestions should you give you an idea of how to style the interior of your restaurant, whether you're revamping the place or starting from scratch. Throw around ideas with those who know about interior decorating, until you find a theme that you'll love.