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Retail Sales Tips

Arjun Kulkarni
A direct measure of how an entrepreneur you are is the number of sales you are credited with. This is obviously the biggest thing on your mind, and to get things done, you need to tackle each hurdle head on and optimistically.
Retail sales jobs these days are really looked down upon, aren't they? Everyone hates annoying salesmen. Just when someone's taking a break or a walk, you sneak up upon the unsuspecting souls, trying to get them to buy something that even you didn't think would exist. But yet, it does.
What you're trying to sell may be outright ridiculous, but you need the money, and as much as the customer reviles you, you have to suck it up and sell your stuff to him.

Best Ways to Make More Sales

Right so, selling is your job and selling is what you have to do. Hence, you might as well do it right.

Understand Yourself

If there is one thing that you need to know about sales is yourself. Before you take the plunge into this rather difficult world, ask yourself: is this really your thing? Are you really going to be able to sell some people something they don't want to buy or have a better alternative to? Are you going to be able to achieve your targets?
Would you enjoy converting one non-buyer to a customer, more than moping about 50 rejections? Can you handle business communication? If the answer to all this is a "yes," then it is possible for you to enter this field. But if it isn't, you're going to be terrible and this job is going to be a total waste of time. So, understand yourself and your strengths.

Understand your Customers

Since you, the salesperson, are on the field, you have a better idea than anyone else in your company about the choice of the customer. The fact that you're out there selling stuff to people, as opposed to people coming to you and buying what they want, must tell you something.
There is something about your product that just isn't appealing enough to the customer. Find out what it is. It's true that it is rare to stumble across a rather chatty person who may point out the flaws in your product.
But if you happen to come across such situations, make sure that you find what exactly it is, and report it to your reporting head. In this way, you'll help in making your product more like the way the customer wants it.

Be Confident

If there is something that sets a good and a bad salesperson apart, it is confidence. If you can successfully win over your customer, then half your job is done. If you can genuinely grab the person's attention with your smile and positive attitude, then the chance of a person buying your stuff increases.
Think of yourself as an advertisement, rather than an employee of the company. And this is possible with a substantial amount of confidence. If you are able to win over your customer psychologically, then you have served the purpose.

Love Your Company and the Product

Most customers today can easily cut through the crap and see whether the salesperson genuinely means what he says. So, it is imperative that you sincerely love your company and your product. Because if you do, it will show on your face and the customer will appreciate it.
Also, you never lie to one because, if you do, you not only lose one customer, but also the people he will bad-mouth to about you and your products. So, always be truthful. If there are any flaws in the product, admit them, but make sure that you keep the customer focused on the positive aspects, rather than the negative.

Build Relationships

We all hear about building relationships with customers. Why? Because if you are sincere and genuine at it, they will keep coming to you. Relationship with a customer is like an investment that pays returns for a long time.
It may perhaps be little unrealistic, but if the customer puts in a good word about you to someone else, you might be getting a few more, as well. Hence, it is essential to maintain good relationships with existing customers.

Communicate to Seniors

Now, this one might take a bit more confidence and bravery, but if your targets are unrealistic, this must be conveyed to your bosses. Also, if the customer feels that there are some flaws in your product, the branding, or the pricing, this too must be communicated.
After all, you are the one who's on the field and hence, know the pulse of the market better than anyone else. And if the bosses think that you're making some really relevant suggestions, they may also be inclined to view you in a more positive light.
Thus, all in all, selling things to people is really tough; so, if you're up for a challenge, it doesn't get better than this.