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Retail Window Display Ideas

Aastha Dogra Feb 16, 2020
Retail window displays should be creative, fun, bright, simple, and relevant. Read on for some amazing ideas, which will help you create store windows with all these attributes.
If you ever give a thought to the process that is involved in making a purchase, you would realize that any product first appeals to us visually, only then we go ahead and feel it with our hands, test it, make inquiries about it and then finally make a purchase.
This is true for everything, right from clothes to food to technology! That's why, all retail businesses focus on grabbing the attention of their potential customers by way of creating visually appealing displays.
Store windows are the first thing that any potential customer notices about a retail store. Based on this impression, the customers make a decision whether to walk into the store or not.
That's why, a lot of emphasis should be made on designing and decorating retail window displays. They should be attractive and interesting enough to pull customers in.

Retail Store Window Display Ideas

Highlight 'Offers' and 'Sales'

If your retail store is targeting middle class customers, then it's but obvious that they will be after bargains and freebies. So, if you have some offers for them, highlight these in the window display.
Also, when putting up such offers, be very specific about them. For instance, you can write things like '20 % off on Shirts' or '20 % off on purchase of more than $X', etc. This will lend credibility to your offer and thus, pull more customers into your store.

Be Creative

When someone's out shopping, they want to enjoy, and see good things which will bring a smile to their face. So, be creative and come up with some special, bright, colorful, cheerful, creative and of course meaningful retail window display designs.
The window displays should be designed in such a way that they grab the attention of every one who passes by. The window displays should be relevant too. They should be like a preview to the potential customers on what to expect in your store. So, display a few items in the window that your store sells, however, do it very creatively.

Involve your Customers

One of the best display ideas is to involve your customers in its d├ęcor. For this, you can keep sketching and painting contests in your store and provide the customers who walk in with sheets, colors, paints and the required stationery.
To ensure maximum participation, keep a few prizes as well for good entries. Later, you can display this 'artwork' on your store window. By doing this, you will be building relationships with your potential customers and thus, can expect success in getting repeat business.

Change 'The Display' Often!

This is extremely important. If you stick to the same window display for months, however interesting it is, it will start looking boring after a while. Thus, keep on changing the display from time to time. A good idea is to change them seasonally. So, you can have a different display for summer, spring, winter and autumn.
On special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween, when you expect more people to visit your store, have some displays designed around these special occasions. You can even plan your display around some major sports events or any event of relevance that has taken place in your city or country!
As you can see, when it comes to retail window display ideas, the sky is the limit! You can come up with various ways of making your store window stand out from the rest, if you give it a proper thought and are creative about it.
However, when designing the display window, keep in mind that the whole point of doing it up is to get customers in so that your sales go up! Thus, your goal when decorating the retail window is not just to beautify it, but to interest the potential customers so much that they walk into your store to make a purchase!