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Sales Pitch Ideas

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
The art of persuasion, when skillfully employed, can make even mountains bend. This write-up on sales pitch ideas discusses this art with relation to sales and conversion of prospects.
Eloquence, at its highest pitch, leaves little room for reason or reflection, but addresses itself entirely to the desires and affections, captivating the willing hearers, and subduing their understanding.
 - David Hume
'It's tough to find a tailor-made holiday package that suits your time, convenience and fits your budget these days. However, we have some package offers that might be just the thing for you - if not, we'll conjure one up that fits your requirements to a T!'
Now, that can very well qualify as the sales pitch of a holiday package service that specializes in customized deals for varied clients and offer flexibility and variety of choice. A sales pitch is a significant aspect of any selling technique and is the ultimate card that can be drawn effectively to convert a prospect.
A well written and effectively delivered pitch can do wonders to your selling and convincing efforts. It is especially true, when you are cold calling on your prospective client. On the other hand, a good quality product or service may lose out merely due to the lack of a creative yet utilitarian sales proposition.
Sales pitch ideas include various aspects of such a pitch, right from phrasal attitude to reaching out to your customer's needs from a particular product or service. Extending this line of thought, let's take a look at the various elements that must be effectively maneuvered to come up with creative and genuine sales pitch ideas.

How To Write a Sales Pitch?

Writing a sales pitch which should be a part of sales training program as it is not a cakewalk. There are many things that must be taken into consideration while drafting an effective sales pitch.
Before you even embark upon the convincing part, you need to first convince yourself of the products utility to the target audience. In order to judge this, you need to identify the exact customer needs which your product promises to fulfill. This will help you to relate your product's features to the customers' needs.
This way, by matching product features with customer requirements, you will be in a position to explain to the customer why he/she should opt for your product and not those of your competitors. Building from here, the subsequent considerations that must be kept in mind while constructing an effective sales pitch may be enumerated as follows:-

Grab Customer Attention

The opening statement should be such that the prospect is immediately drawn to your pitch and is eager to spend the next few moments in finding out what else you have to say.

Relate to Customer Requirements

The subsequent few words should be able to capture the essence of and define the customer's needs effectively and from the customer's point of view. Remember, the customer would be interested in your pitch only if he believes that no one but you have understood his/her needs most comprehensively.

Ignite Interest

After you've conveyed empathy, ignite the customer's interest in your product by focusing on its unique features and relating these features with the customer's requirements to show how the customer would benefit from your product. Add a pinch of creativity in the way you deliver the message - a fusion of interest and amusement works magic!

Provide Testimonies

If possible, quote testimonies to create credibility for your product's quality and optimum utilities to back your marketing claims for the same.

Lend an Ear

Listen to any doubts, objections or incredulous comments made by your prospect in response to your marketing claims patiently. Thereafter, in spite of pushing your claims and dismissing their objections, explain how your company cares for its customer's needs and how you would be pleased to address any issues regarding the product's quality or utility.
It is natural for the prospects to have concerns and apprehensions when investing their money and trust in a product or service. You try to neutralize the situation by lending a patient ear to their concerns and assuring future assistance, you make them feel good about themselves and develop a sense of security and assurance regarding your product/service.

Initiate Action

It is best to strike while the iron is hot. The best time to land an order is when you have the customer eating out of your hands - well, almost. You can consider the prospect seriously considering your product/service when he/she asks questions regarding its quality, warranty period, post sales services, repairs/replacements of parts and the sort.
This is the time when, while you're resolving his/her doubts, you can actually initiate the sales process by encouraging the prospect to take the right action and commit him to the purchase.
You can offer special prices, discounts or any free gifts to effect immediate purchase. The issue here is that once the customer gets time to think it over, he may consult various people and take others' opinions. This might cause him to change his mind. Therefore, sell him while he is still under the influence of the sales pitch.
Add your own creative thoughts to these basic ideas so that you can improve your sales pitch and get higher conversion rates consequently. Add to the marketing effort by making your offer increasingly attractive to the prospect throughout the course of the pitch.
Once your prospect gets converted, make sure to regularly follow-up if such is the demand of the product or service. Also, address any post sale issue diligently if such was promised while delivering the pitch. A satisfied customer is the best and cheapest promotion your product/service can possibly have - don't lose out on it!