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Ideas for Window Display in Spring

Tulika Nair
If you are a visual merchandiser, then this spring you would be on the lookout for spring window display ideas that will allow you to create a visual treat. Read on to know more.
How many times have you walked past a store, stopped, and then entered it only because the display was mind-boggling and too attractive to not check out other products? All of us have had at least one experience of walking into a store, only because the display was too attractive to ignore.
Every window display has a dedicated staff working towards creating artistic masterpieces that attract customers and increase sales. And these displays change on a monthly basis for most stores based on the season.
When you talk about window display dressing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to create a display that is truly breathtaking. First and foremost, the most important function of a window display is to grab eyes, and if your store's display does not do that, then there is a possibility that people are just going to walk by without bothering.
Ensure that you create a display that will always get a second glance. Next, you need to ensure that you decorate the display according to the season.
So when you are talking about window display ideas for spring, windows with cutouts of snowflake and so on are completely ruled out. Especially during the holiday season, it is important that you decorate the display in tune with the mood of the masses. The lighting and colors that you use for the display are also important.
So try and rule out neutral, dull colors. Instead, try vibrant colors that will light up the area. In the next section, we discuss some of the window display ideas that we think will work this spring.

Ideas for Window Display in Spring

What are the most popular display ideas for spring? How do you get out of the rut of doing the same thing every season? Well, first of all, start with thinking of some cool window display ideas. And if you are at a loss here, then just read some of my favorite ideas given here for a quick round of inspiration.


Spring is synonymous with flowers. This idea that has been used for window displays since forever continues to be a good way to decorate your display area, but try and think out of the box.
Do not restrict yourself to using cutouts of huge flowers or using real flowers in exaggerated bowls made of glass filled with clear water. Instead, think of ideas that make the flowers stand out, but not the center of attention.
Use the flowers as a design element. Use them on the clothes that the mannequins are wearing, but do not allow them to become overbearing.

Nursery Rhymes

Well, the idea is simple, though not necessarily spring centric. Recreate a scene from your favourite nursery rhyme that comes to your mind as soon as someone mentions spring.
For some it can be Mary and the Little Lamb, and so, they might imagine a window display with models of a white lamb following the mannequin wearing a flowing spring outfit, with an umbrella in her hand. It can be the much-needed twist that you need for your window display.

Color Blocking

It is an idea that is picking up big time this spring and one that you can use to your advantage to decorate the windows. Allow the base color of the window wall to be white, and then use acrylic cutouts in different colors to create blocks on the wall. Use these blocks to highlight your products.
It is one of the innovative ways in which you can do color blocking. This is one of the most interesting ideas that is in vogue this spring.
Other elements that you can use if you want to create window displays for spring season are balloons, picnic scenes, April showers, etc. For window display ideas, the most important thing to remember is to always think out of the box. While it may not be considered so, these displays are works of art that can be in some cases awe-inspiring to say the least.
Today, retail display or visual merchandising is a career in its own right, and you can hire professionals to create gorgeous window displays that will be sure to grab the attention of anyone walking by your store. But there is nothing to say that you cannot create impressive and attractive window displays yourself without any professional help.