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Storytelling: A New Way of Branding and Trust Building

Powerful storytelling is the finest way to let your brand breathe life!
Swarali Jambhale Jul 6, 2020

Embark Upon Brand Narrative

Emotional branding is an escalating marketing strategy that drives your revenue and customer retention up the graph! Whenever we meet someone, we either try to unearth their story or tell them our own. This human tendency to connect - is what brands should perceive to make their marketing strategy a successful one!

Stories Spark Emotions

For social animals with language as the ultimate way to communicate, uncomplicated stories invoke spontaneous iterations spurring them to know what the brand has to offer. As many as seven regions light up including sensory systems when we hear a story! This is where the brand starts building a trustworthy relationship with its prospects.

Storytelling: A Trust Building Tool

Storytelling acts as a tool of trust building between the business and its customers as conversing humanistic with the audience gives rise to empathy and empathy being the strongest trigger, the audience builds a deep-rooted connection with the business.

Stories Do the Selling for You

A story potentially carries the entire sale for a product regardless of other technical backlogs like ads, unclear call-to-action, etc. Once the customers start trusting the business or the product, the chances of making a purchase rise, as 90% purchasing decisions of a customer are influenced by emotions.
Storytelling is not a solitary exercise, it is a matter of consistency and the ability to adapt to the ever changing human needs. The ultimate goal of marketing is to sell, whether it motivates change, encourages buying or brings people to the store, irrespective of the timeline. The desired outcome at last drives the direction of the story.
Online marketing cannot do much in giving real human like experiences, but can stimulate the audience with photos, product descriptions and numbers and facts. Ultimately, emotions, genuineness, personal connections and driving actions is all about storytelling.

Web Stories: The Trend

Introduced by Google, Web Stories (AMP Stories), is a new storytelling format focusing mainly on users’ comfort of reading and grasping content. With visually rich content, these Stories are fast-loading, mobile-focused pages. Visual Stories is one such platform that is reinforcing Web Stories by helping you get Web Stories on your website.


If your goal is to spark emotions and draw attention, make brand storytelling your marketing strategy. Become a storyteller to get your point across and differentiate your brand and increase your chances of being successful exponentially!