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Successful Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

When it comes to your business, choose wisely! Selecting the right digital marketing strategy is a must for a successful business.
Sanyogita Gadgil Jul 9, 2020

Say It With Videos

Humans relate better to videos since they readily respond more to visuals, moving images. Videos help them find meaning, capture and contextualize the world around.
Connect with your audience and keep them engaged by sharing vertical and interactive videos. Share your business success story and go for brand promotion to increase your web traffic.

Keep Up With the Times

In the innovation driven competition; hop onto the latest digital marketing trend - Web Stories - a project by Google. Web Stories, a visually appealing content format, is different from traditional web pages. It easily grabs user attention and retains it for long; fulfilling the SEO metrics of user engagement: time-on-site and low bounce rate.
“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” - Seth Godin

So, start telling stories by creating Web Stories on Visual Stories. Content marketing is a fuel to all the digital channels, and a right format that adds to its benefits.

Anticipate Micro-Moments

Recognize 'Micro-Moments'; the very few intent-rich moments during which a user looks for solutions while surfing either to make a purchase or in need of a knowledge and finalizes his decision.
Deploying online mobile search ads on most searched terms by the audience; and providing the user with apt solutions, an easily snackable content answering all the 'I-want-to' questions during these exact 'micro-moments' works successfully to convert your potential customers into consumers.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Offer your potential customers the enhanced views and experiences of your product or services. Integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in your digital marketing strategies.
AR and VR technologies create interest, ensure an immersive online user engagement, and widen brand recognition.

Befriend Your Audience

Social Media is an integral part of people’s daily life today, has topped the charts of any type of marketing. Create a good network for your business, connection is what a community wants.
Apart from brand loyalty and authority; social media platform provides the biggest advantage of free marketing. It makes customer interaction easier and more efficient, thereby improving sales and branding.

Artificial Intelligence

Use Artificial Intelligence for marketing your business. Equip your website with chatbots to provide your potential customers the AI powered personalized assistance and solutions. AI will also help you analyze and understand the conversion rate.