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Use Web Stories for Content Marketing in the Covid Era

Manali Oak
The Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every industry. Due to lockdowns and travel ban, the tourism and hotel industries have come to a standstill. Due to social distancing, people no longer gather in large groups, which means no sports and cultural events are organized. The scenario is similar for the entertainment sector too.
These were only a few examples of industries that are facing the dire consequences of Covid-19. Theaters, malls and shops are closed down, many businesses have been shuttered and many others have reduced workforce or implemented salary cuts.
While the industries take their time to start running smoothly again, you as a business owner or a working professional, should invest this time in marketing your skills or your enterprise. This is the time to build your brand identity and earn recognition.
The most common way of promoting yourself or your business is through content marketing, which essentially means writing promotional content in ways that can help you expand your reach, earn leads and achieve conversions.
It is important to select the right platform and the right content format for marketing. You don’t have to go far looking for these. Visual Stories can serve your requirements, as it gives you the means to adopt a futuristic content format that’s effective for promotion and a global platform to publish your content.
Sign up with Visual Stories, select the category relevant to your brand, and post your marketing content there. Your content will be published in the category and be visible in the feed on the Visual Stories homepage.
The format you write in, will be Web Stories (developed as a part of Google’s AMP Project). They are like stories on social media but they are search engine-friendly and meant for the open web. Moreover, they rank in a dedicated section on Google’s 1st page.
Being fast-loading, visually engaging, tap-through and mobile-first, they easily attract users and hold their attention. Compared to long-form articles, they are easier and more fun to consume.
Web Stories are equally easy to create using the Visual Story Builder, a Web Story creation tool built by Visual Stories that has a WYSIWYG editor and comes with a media library of music and millions of images that can be added to Stories for free. You can also upload your own images and videos in the Stories.
So don’t sit thinking. Use Web Stories for content marketing in the covid era. Visual Stories gives you the tool and the platform.
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