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Visual Stories: The Must-Have Content Marketing Tool for 2020

Ishaan Govardhan Jul 9, 2020
The sole incubator of a new storytelling format - Visual Stories - is rapidly emerging as the go-to choice of savvy content strategists.

AMPlify Your Message

Attract Mobile Users

In 2020, all content must cater to the needs of the majority, the mobile users. And when it comes to page loading times, no one appreciates a long wait. With their instant loading pages, Web Stories offer a unique experience to visitors. Your content stands a better chance of connecting with customers, if their browsing experience is this smooth.

Claim Your SEO Advantage

Web Stories ensure a seamless experience, the upshot of which is high user interest. Mobile users can’t resist the convenience of such fast-loading pages, which leads to higher user engagement metrics and higher SEO rankings for Web Stories. And the higher your promotional content ranks on Google, the more customers you’ll reach with it.

Choose the Right Format

Content marketing isn’t so much about the content, as it is about the way that content is presented. Infographics and other conventional formats are commonplace. Whereas, the Web Stories trend is fresh.

More Than Just a Trend

Oftentimes, the only difference between a potential customer and a convinced customer lies in their levels of involvement. To build trust, you must find a way to surprise and then engage your customers. Embellished with an exciting storytelling structure on Visual Stories, your content is sure to resonate with readers while creating Web Stories.

Text: Less is More

Each Web Story on Visual Stories can be read from start to finish in a matter of minutes. This storytelling format is such that it encourages writers to choose words with great care. With only a few lines of text to complement every stunning graphic, you can promote your product or service in a memorable, easy-to-digest form.

The Tool of the Trade

The Visual Story Builder

Visual Stories has developed the first and only Web Story building tool. And it’s free for use. Complete with in-built tips to guide you, this tool has a WYSIWYG interface and straightforward workflow. It grants you the freedom to customize a Story in several different ways. You can tweak the look of each Story till it fits your content like a glove.

Access a Trove of Images

Thousands of images have been made compatible with multiple devices and are waiting for you in the Web Story Builder’s image library. More images are added each day, so Visual Stories' contributors are spoiled for choice. Simple in-built animations will accentuate each image and enrich your promotional content with stunning visuals that leap off the screen.

Major Tool Updates

In 2020, content creators should be able to infuse and weave together multiple mediums to develop even more engaging Web Stories. So  besides offering you total control over the colors, drag drop features and the overall look of your Story  the Web Story Builder is now being updated to also include videos and sounds.

Visual Stories: A Home for Good Content

A Web Story Portal

Visual Stories Network is an open platform where you can publish your content in this brand new format. This platform houses different categories (each for a different genre of Web Stories), with more in the works. After signing up  from a single account  you can write for whichever website relating to your particular product or service.

Expand Your Reach

Because Web Stories are favored by Google, Visual Stories is poised to reach more mobile users than ever before. Your promotional content will enjoy special attention from Google − that is, until the competitors catch on to this trend. Every content creator on Visual Stories has an equally real chance of seeing their content go viral.

Your Own Mobile-optimized Website

You can get Web Stories on your website, with the help of Visual Stories. This fast-loading website can act as your own portal for AMP-based promotional content. With your website’s coding, hosting and setup all taken care of, Visual Stories even helps you monetize your new website through optimized ads.
Your promotional Web Stories will be shareable across all social media platforms. With everyone else begging for the customers' attention in 2020, you can use the revolutionary Web Stories format to demand it.

Visual Stories is an ideal launchpad for your new mobile-friendly content marketing strategy.