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Web Stories: A Proven SEO Strategy to Drive Traffic to Travel Websites

Vinita Tahalramani Jul 4, 2020
A Quick Understanding of What is an SEO Strategy?
 It is a way of bringing profitable traffic to your website.
Web Stories (earlier known as AMP Stories), a distinctive content format, has the potential to earn organic traffic.
Know how with reasons...
Over the years, Google has changed its search engine ranking for fast-loading webpages, and these visually-appealing Web Stories stand strong in the race. Moreover, a number of travel websites have already started marking their spot while ranking on the Google’s dedicated section (on mobile).
Reason 1:
Web Stories give a new dimension in providing a fresh context by being an immersive user experience for the reader. A statistic says, 'readers are 80% more likely to read information with interest if visuals are involved.'
Web Stories score High in User Experience, a basic requirement of a travel website.
Reason 2:
Web Stories are a complete pack of text, images, videos, audios - making it a solution to customer retention in this digital world.
Statistics: Increase in customer retention by only 5%, increases profits by 25%. Travel enthusiasts returning to your travel website are sure to get you business.
Web Stories ensure User Retention.
Reason 3:
In this new age, you would find netizens on mobile! Web Stories are mobile-focused content format, take less time to load, thus giving a boost to user engagement. Being mobile-focused, makes a strong online visibility.
Web Stories promise increase in User Engagement, with increasing dwell time and reducing bounce rate.
Reason 4:
Web Stories being just to both performance and user metrics, forms a proven SEO strategy to drive traffic to your travel website.
Grab this huge opportunity of staying ahead of your competitors as it is easy with Visual Stories...
So what are you waiting for?
Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to get a PWA of Web Stories on your travel website. These Stories can be shared across different social media platforms. Up the game with Web Stories format and let your readers come back for more.