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Why You Should Start a Web Stories Blog in the Post-Covid Era

A Web Stories blog is an innovative and effective way of online promotion. Go for it!
Manali Oak
Web Stories are a content format powered by Google's AMP technology. They are fast-loading, visually engaging, mobile-focused and user-first.
More visuals, less text and a tap-through navigation make them a delight to consume.
They are search engine-friendly and can rank in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page. Thus, they can help individuals or businesses increase their visibility on the web.
AdSense ads introduced in Web Stories have created a source of revenue. So your content can fetch you readers as well as monetary gains.
If you are a hobby-writer or professional blogger, Web Stories are for you. Owing to the user experience they give and because they can rank on Google's 1st page, they can help maximize your readership.
High-quality content written in this visual format, can help you earn a loyal following.
If you own a business, you must be investing in content marketing to promote your products or services. By writing promotional content in the Web Stories format you can boost your business.
As they score high on search metrics and have a high user engagement quotient, your marketing content will reach more users and hold their attention better.
In the post-covid era, it has become all the more important to go online and resort to more aggressive promotional techniques, since the coronavirus pandemic has led to a downfall in the market.
This is why everyone will be taking more efforts to get back in competition.
Adopt Web Stories before your competitors do and be a front runner.
Don't worry how, as Visual Stories gives you a no-code, cost-free solution to start a Web Stories blog. It can be on a new domain or on a subdomain of your existing website.
This blog will be a PWA (website as well as mobile app) and you won't have to worry about its setup, hosting and maintenance.
To create Web Stories, you will be accessing the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG tool with a library of music and millions of images that can be added to your Stories for free.
So, start a your Web Stories blog right away, create visually rich stories, and enjoy a greater following and user attention.
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