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Creative Window Display Ideas

Rahul Thadani Mar 22, 2020
Every store tries to attract customers through its window display. It is an accepted fact that the stores which showcase the best window displays will attract the most customers. In the long run, this plays a very important part in the functioning of any retail store.
Creating the most attractive looking window displays and highlighting the best aspects of the store is very important for the success of any small store or a big retail outlet. The display is the first thing that a potential customer sees when he walks by the store, and it serves the purpose of attracting his attention.
Needless to say, there will be many stores that offer exactly the same merchandise and goods, so the customers only have a few seconds to make up their minds about which store they are going to enter. In order to exploit this situation, an attractive window display goes a long way in determining the response to a particular store.
Unless you have a very big and well-known brand that is instantly recognizable, you will need effective application of the concepts of visual merchandising and advertising to attract customers with ease.
What you place in your display window and how it is placed there can help many customers make up their minds before they even enter your store. In a majority of cases, the store with the best window display is the one that attracts the most customers and thus, generates the most sales.
For the success of your store, never undermine the importance of this concept, and pay a lot of attention to ideas.

Tips for a Good Window Display

The whole purpose of the display window is to grab the attention of anyone who passes by, and how you do this is totally up to you and the kind of products you sell at your store.
The reason behind this is that any person will pass by in just a few seconds, so you have to put up something that warrants a second look.
If you can manage to grab the attention of the consumers, then the possibility of making a sale is much higher. Highlighting certain offers and discounts that are currently available is also a good idea, and so is the ability to take advantage of a forthcoming festival or national holiday.
It is advisable to constantly change your window display to suit the extant season, or keep up with some prevalent trend. People must find a way to relate to the display, and this is most applicable during the holiday season.
Keeping the same display for months will only harm your business. It is for this reason that you will see many retail stores with different ideas for spring, summer, Christmas, New Year's Eve etc. Constantly updating the display window is a secret that all know, but surprisingly, very few store owners actually implement this concept.
Needless to say, you need to make the display as bright and vibrant as possible. For this purpose, you must use as many bright colors as you possibly can and also manage the lighting of the window area efficiently.
This can eventually make a world of difference to the reactions that you will get. Nobody wants to pass by a store and see dull colors and dark lighting.
The best retail store windows are those which instantly grab attention with their bright appeal, and immediately leave an impact on the mind of anyone who passes by.

Where to Find Ideas

The question that arises is to how should one go about finding the right ideas. There are a variety of sources to choose from, so this can end up confusing many people. The trick here is to decide a theme and then find pictures and information related to that theme. The more you delve into the subject, the clearer things will become to you.
There are plenty of photography websites and fashion albums across the Internet that you can scan through to get the best ideas.
Hiring professional visual merchandisers for this purpose is also not a bad idea, since such professionals are highly experienced in this field and know exactly what to display in an effective manner.
If possible, alter your design a little bit so that it develops a touch of originality. Refrain from blindly copying ideas from other stores and images without adding something to it.
At the end of the day, your display window should be original, creative, attractive, and vibrant. It should be applicable and pertinent to current market trends, and should not represent anything radical and unseen.
If you can manage to make the most of this tool, your business and sales will shoot up considerably.